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Wise Care 365

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Jul 21, 2023 Last updated



Wise Care 365, developed by WiseCleaner, is an outstanding system optimization and cleaning software that provides a broad range of features to optimize the overall performance and stability of your PC.

The software provides a dynamic system cleaning and optimization functions as it scans your PC for junk files, temporary files, browser cache, and other irrelevant files that take up valuable disk space. By eliminating these files, it aids to free up storage space and enhance system performance.

The tool offers real-time system monitoring, displaying essential system information, including CPU usage, memory usage, and temperature. This enables users to keep track of system performance and identify potential problems.

Wise Care 365 also has a registry cleaner that scans and repairs invalid or corrupted registry entries, which assists to improve the Windows registry, which can optimize system stability and performance. In addition, it provides a registry defragmentation tool that organizes the registry for quicker access.

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