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GeekUninstaller is a free, program removal utility for Microsoft® Windows®. It was designed to be portable, fast and small.

The program is a single EXE file packed in an archive that once extracted will run on both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows®. Its main feature is the "Force Removal" which is great for removing software that can't be uninstalled due to all kind of issues.

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GeekUninstaller Review

Whether you need to make space for more software, or you want to cleanse your personal computer so that it runs faster, you would likely benefit from a removal program to remove all the files and programs you don't need. While you can always uninstall programs and delete files manually, you won't be able to locate and remove all of the leftovers using up the resources of your computer. If you're interested in cleansing your desktop or laptop, this utility is the right choice for you.


Written using Boost, TinyXML, and Visual C++, the GeekUninstaller is a standard removal program that removes all unnecessary and broken programs and files on your computer. The two main features of the GeekUninstaller are clean removal and force removal. The GeekUninstaller works by performing a deep scan of your computer. During the scan, the software will identify any files and documents left over from previously uninstalled programs. If you encounter any stubborn or broken programs that you're having a difficult time removing, you can use the force removal feature.

For optimal use of GeekUninstaller, you should use the clean removal feature regularly to keep your computer as clean as possible. You should have no problem using the clean removal feature regularly because the entire process only takes a few minutes of your time. Also, since the GeekUninstaller is portable, you will be able to use this program anywhere and at any time as long as you have access to your computer. You can just download the single EXE file to your flash drive, and you'll have GeekUninstaller with you on the go.

On the other hand, you should only use the force removal feature when necessary. In most cases, the force removal feature takes more time than the clean removal feature.

Why the GeekUninstaller?

Without a doubt, there are many software removal programs out there. Some famous examples include IOBit Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller. Therefore, you may be wondering what sets GeekUninstaller apart from its alternatives.

The main advantage is that it is much faster than the vast majority of removal software programs. Thankfully, the speed of GeekUninstaller does no mean that it doesn't work as thoroughly as other programs. With this program, you get to enjoy all the functionality without losing out on speed. Only GeekUninstaller allows users to enjoy instant startup. Not only is GeekUninstaller minimalistic, but it also doesn't require installation. Both factors contribute immensely to the speed of this software. Another way the GeekUninstaller speeds up the cleansing process is by including features like "open installation folder" and "search for this on Google." None of the features of the GeekUninstaller could remotely be considered useless.

Just about all computer users could benefit from the regular use of a removal software program like the GeekUninstaller. Not only is this program useful and convenient, but it is also completely free. If you decide you don't like it for whatever reason, you always have the option to delete it without worrying about wasted time or money.

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