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KCleaner is a free, automated, secure disk cleaner designed to clean your temporary files, cache and useless files that other similar tools are missing. It can also be used as a tool that will delete files securely without making deleted data unrecoverable.

KCleaner can be considered one of the best hard drive cleaning tools out there. Why? It does a complete and thorough job of getting rid of unwanted files, even the files other cleaning tools don't know are there. Recently, KCleaner found one gig more in scrapable data than a major competitor that costs a whole lot more than KCleaner's price of FREE.

How is that? Not all software developers are created equal. Some care about their customers and their customer's devices more than others. We're not talking about the folks at KCleaner either. We're talking about all the other software developers whose programs sit on the majority of computers out there in the world.

The reason is something a lot of people don't know about.

Lots of marketing has propelled viruses as a leading cause of slow computers. No doubt they are. But other troubles lurk in hard drives and memory chips. One of those problems is called caching. Caching is the practice of saving temporary data to semi-permanent files that the user doesn't know have been set up on his or her computer.

Some software companies do an excellent job of managing their cache files, which if left alone, will grow and grow for no good reason. Others only allow their cache files to expand and grow without ever purging or truncating them.

KCleaner knows where all those cache files are hidden. This can include unused files from updates (which can be huge), and even data which the user has purged from the program itself (the data is gone from the program but continues to reside on the hard drive). KCleaner lists close to 40 separate areas of a computer that it can clean. It also gets rid of unwanted dumps, histories, service packs, and logs — one of the complete cleaning tools out there.

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