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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read carefully each answer. If you still don't find an answer, feel free to use the contact form.
We will not reply to questions found in this area.

1. I can't download files from FossHub (Please note: Hotlinking is Not Allowed)

Please check the following:

If your operating system is Microsoft Windows: Certain download managers (e.g. Internet Download Manager) or browser add-ons might prevent you from downloading. If nothing happens when you click on the download links please consider this:
A. Disable your existing download manager or add-on product temporarily (only while you perform this test).
B. If your current favorite browser has some integrated add-ons or toolbars, please try to use a different web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Pale Moon etc.)
C. you or someone else (a software, a script, an add-on) disabled the HTTP Referrer from your browser so you have to enable it. (Suggestion for a quick fix: try another browser listed here by popularity - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera)
We have millions of downloads each month and once in a while, a few folks claim that they are unable to download. To keep it short, they use all kind of privacy methods that disables the HTTP Referrer from their browser. Usually, the simple and fastest fix is to try another web browser or temporarily disable any other software that might prevent the download to start.
- you use a script such as a toolbar and it's blocking almost everything. (Suggestion: try another browser, listed here by market share - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera)
Please check if you installed any third party download app, tool-bar or script in your browser. Ideally, try a different browser and see if the download starts.
- you're attempting to download from us using a DIRECT link to our setup file (posted by another website). The answer to this "issue" is this:
The direct download WORKS if you specify the setup file name correctly. For example (applies to all software titles) you can do this - remove the white spaces: / SoftwareName.html / software.exe (or .zip - works with any other extension)
We have been a target for several websites that decided to steal bandwidth from us by posting a link directly to our setup files. We had hundreds of GB downloaded in several weeks. This means that we pay the hosting costs while others just benefit from it. As a first response to this problem we "require an accurate HTTP Referer" in order to prevent direct links. We might take other actions to prevent any such attempts.
Posting a direct link is a waste of bandwidth for us and it's also useless because of this: if version 1.0.0 no longer exist on our download website, a newer version such as 1.1 is the latest so those direct links that pointed to an older version will end up on a "404 Not Found" page. As a conclusion, please don't do it, if you wish to post a link, use our URL page or use the example that we provided. This way, you will always find the latest-updated version of the software.
- one of our servers was in the middle of an update or its down (it happens) due to a hardware failure.
"Access Denied" or "File Not Found" or "The page you are looking for is not found." message - depends on your browser type.
You probably caught us in the middle of an update.
Please wait a few minutes, refresh the page and attempt to download again!
The download should start after 1 - 10 minutes - that's how long it takes us to copy one or more files across all worldwide mirrors.
If the download didn't start, try to download any other files listed on our site. If the download works for the other files, you still need to wait for a few seconds or minutes. If not and you get "Access Denied" please check the info listed above at section 1. If you're getting any other error messages, please get in touch with us so we can investigate if there's any issue with our network or servers, use the CONTACT FORM here.

2. Mouse right-click doesn't work. Only left-click works fine.

We have disabled the right-click. If you attempt to download using the right-click of your mouse, you will obtain a small file. That is usually the HTML file of the page or a small file with the name of the software and his extension. To download correctly, please use the left-click mouse action or access the file directly and the download will start automatically. If it doesn't work, please read the first question above.

3. I tried to download a file but was served another file that belongs to another program. Why?

Note that we FIXED this bug starting with 1st February 2017. If you encounter this, please REPORT IT TO US - PLEASE USE THE CONTACT US section. For the time being, we will also keep this deprecated text: Please refresh your browser and try again, this time you should be able to download the file you requested. This is a temporary bug that we are aware off but needs a major upgrade. We are working on it, just refresh your browser or try another browser and the download will serve you the correct file you intended to download.

4. Why don't you reply to my emails?

Several reasons:
- you're sending us a business proposal related to: software bundles, installers, pop-ups, aggressive or deceptive advertisement. If we get such emails, we ignore and delete them instantly. Sorry but WE ARE NOT INTERESTED in such partnerships.
- you sent us a question related to a software issue or a bug. Sometimes we reply but please please note that we don't offer support for bugs or other issues related to a specific software. Most software titles have a Forum or a place where you can report bugs or any other issues. We just don't have enough time to reply everyone.
- You provided a fake email, and we are not able to reply. You might be upset with us, but if you wish to receive a response, we still need a way to get in touch with you.
- you're ignoring a subject that has been covered in this FAQ.

5. How can I add a software?

Please note that you can "suggest" a freeware or open source software that you want to be added to our list. We do not accept shareware software or those infected with malware. If you're a developer of a certain app you will have to answer us a few questions. There's no guarantee that your program will be added on our list.
a) We DO NOT accept software titles that use installers/bundles or any other third-party offers that can be identified as adware or malware by the anti-malware products.
b) We accept Open Source and some Freeware software considering that they comply with our requirements.
c) Alpha/beta/testing software or scripts made for advanced users/developers should be uploaded on and not on FossHub - we reserve the right to deny such requests.
d) Be consistent, if you plan to integrate installers/bundles in your software you shouldn't ask us to add your software on FossHub (only if you can provide a CLEAN version - see below).
e) We accept software titles that use bundles/installers or any other third-party offers IF they can provide a CLEAN version (e.g. portable) for FossHub. With other words, we will list only the portable, clean version on our website (for example: FileZilla - we list only the portable version).

6. Your software is infected

We had several reports so far from all kind of users saying that a software is infected. Before you blame us or a certain software, please make sure that you actually TEST our/suspicious "infected" file at a service that allows you to use multiple antivirus products such as VIRUS TOTAL ( or Jotti's malware scan (
You can also compare the hashes we provide with those from the official homepage of the software or with those from other download sites that you trust. FossHub shows MD5/SHA1/SHA256 file signatures so it is easy to find a site that provides at least one of these hashes.
Most of the programs that you will find on our website are uploaded by their respective owners/creators. Some of them decide to bundle their software and we hear that from users. Several programs use a "form of advertising" known as "bundling". You can recognize such a program by looking at the setup process. If it's asking you to install other third-party applications, it's definitely bundled. Most of them, allow you to opt-out and install a clean version. Remember that it's NOT our decision, because we do not OWN or create the programs found on this website. We hate software bundles, installers and other crap but it seems that more and more developers choose to use this "method" to earn some money. We are doing our best to WARN our users so make sure you actually read the text on each page.

7. Can I suggest a feature or send a critic, bug or security report?

Security reports and bugs are welcome and we thank you in advance for any info! As for any critics, if it's pertinent, it will do more good than harm so again, feel free to contact us.

8. I want to report a deceptive or dangerous ad

Here's how to do it: DO NOT click on that ad or if you already did this, save the URL (link) of it. If possible, make a screenshot and send us the screenshot after we reply to your email. If we consider that the ad is against our policy and users we will most likely add it on our blocked list.

9. Can I make a donation to FossHub?

How about a donation to your favorite project? You will be redirected to the donation page of each project if you click on "Donate" button, down the page - this can be found on each project page.

10. I would like to help FossHub

Thank you, if you wish to help us please recommend us to other people. "Like us" or share us on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, AlternativeTo, 4chan or any other website. Feel free to recommend us to your friends.

11. The download speed is slow.

Note: We never received such complaints. Please check your Internet Connection but get in touch with us if you experience a slow download. We would like to know if there's a problem with one of our mirrors.

12. You should add more software titles.

We agree! However, ideally, the software that we add should remain free and clean (no bundles/installers/adware/aggressive advertising etc.). Sometimes we add a nice and useful software and the developer decides to integrate bundles/adware. After this, certain users will post negative reviews against FossHub and we find this completely unfair. Also, we ask for permission before adding a software title (unless it clearly stated that we are allowed to mirror) and sometimes it's hard to obtain an official answer. If you have a suggestion for an excellent software, feel free to get in touch with us although we do not promise you that we will add it. Finally, FossHub is not a place for millions of apps and our long-term strategy is to list only those that are useful and clean. Don't be surprised if you find only 1 or 5 software titles listed in a category.

13. I have a business proposal for FossHub

Hey, thank you for the kind intention! If you didn't notice, FossHub *isn't* a money making machine and the easiest way to convince yourself is to look at how many ads we list. It's just one, and we keep it for a single reason: to help us pay for the free services we provide. FossHub is NOT a business and that's why when you send us an offer for adding bundles, adding more ads, adding pop-ups or anything else that's bringing profit but it's hated by users we do not reply, we simply ignore such emails and most of them are going to spam folder. It is also a form of disrespect to send us such offers (it means that you simply don't care and ignoring us) when we clearly state everywhere that we are not interested in such partnerships. Thanks a lot for your understanding!

14. I made a donation and no thank you ?!?

We are super grateful for any donation. If you've made a donation, you are a part of our world. Don't associate yourself with a citizen from a city but rather with a star in the Universe. That's right if FossHub was a universe than you are one of our stars. FossHub survived because awesome people like you kept it alive. Some developers trusted us, and you made an enormous contribution to help us pay for bills that are necessary to keep everything alive. If we didn't write you a nice email thanking you for a zillion times, it was because we do not have enough time to monitor and write each donor. We do our best to write an email to every person but sometimes we get overwhelmed by other issues. Please forgive us! If you wish to inform us, please use our contact form and we will reply. Thank you for supporting us!