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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read carefully each answer. If you still don't find an answer, feel free to use the contact form.
We will not reply to questions found in this area.

1. I can't download files from FossHub (Please note: Hotlinking is Not Allowed)

If you click on a download link and the download does not start the most common issue is related to third-party browser add-ons.

When you install specific third-party browser add-ons (e.g., download, privacy), these might disable certain browser functions such as JavaScript.

Solution: the fastest way would be to try a different (clean) browser that you didn't install any other third-party extensions.

2. How can I add software to FossHub?

There are two scenarios:
A. You're a regular user and would like us to list one or more of your favorite software titles. Please use the contact form:
B. You are a developer or a team member of a particular project. Please use the sign-up form:
Please note that we reserve the right not to list your software. Here is a quick checklist:
a) We DO NOT accept software titles that use installers/bundles or any other third-party offers that can be identified as adware or malware by the anti-malware products.
b) We accept Open Source and some Freeware software considering that they comply with our requirements.
c) Be consistent, if you plan to integrate installers/bundles in your software you shouldn't ask us to add your software on FossHub (only if you can provide a CLEAN version - see below).
d) We accept software titles that use bundles/installers or any other third-party offers IF they can provide a CLEAN version (e.g., portable) for FossHub. With other words, we will list only the portable, clean version on our website.

3. Why don't you reply to my emails?

Several reasons:
- You're sending us a business proposal related to software bundles, installers, pop-ups, aggressive or deceptive advertisement. If we get such emails, we ignore and delete them instantly. Sorry but WE ARE NOT INTERESTED in such partnerships.
- You sent us a question related to a software issue or a bug. Sometimes we reply, but please please note that we don't offer support for bugs or other problems associated with specific software. Most software titles have a Forum or a place where you can report bugs or any other issues. We don't have enough time to reply to everyone.
- You provided a fake email, and we are not able to answer. You might be upset with us, but if you wish to receive a response, we still need a way to get in touch with you.
- You're ignoring a subject that has been covered in this FAQ.

4. Your software is infected

FossHub uses Jotti's malware scan service. We scan each file we upload automatically, and we also show the file signatures. If you notice a specific file reported as infected, please make sure that we are not talking about a false positive.
We encourage you to upload any suspicious file to:
VirusTotal (
Jotti's malware scan (
FossHub took all the safety measures to minimize any potential infection or threat, but security is not infallible. We take security seriously so; please report us any potential issue or concern you might have here:

5. I want to report a misleading or deceptive ad

We show a single Google Adsense ad. If you notice any misleading ad, please inform us using the "Report misleading" link or here:
It helps if you send us the URL: right-click on that ad, copy the destination link address, and send it to us.
FossHub does not tolerate misleading ads. We block such ads 24/7/365.

6. I really want to donate to FossHub

If you insist, you can donate by using our "Donate to remove ads" link that can be found on each page. We will use your donation to pay our bills and help a dozen of free projects. Please donate only if you can afford it. We are grateful for any donation, it does help us, but please take care of yourself first. Thank you so much for your help!

7. I would like to help FossHub

Thank you, if you wish to help us, please recommend us to other people on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, AlternativeTo, 4chan or any other website. Feel free to recommend us to your friends.

8. I have a business proposal for FossHub

Hey, thank you for the kind intention! If you didn't notice, FossHub *isn't* money making machine and the easiest way to convince yourself is to look at how many ads we list. It's just one, and we keep it for a single reason: to help us pay for the free services we provide. FossHub is NOT a business where we squeeze visitors and that's why when you send us an offer for adding bundles, adding more ads, adding pop-ups or anything else that's bringing profit but it's hated by users we do not reply, we merely ignore such emails and most of them are going to spam folder. It is also a form of disrespect to send us such offers (it means that you don't care and ignoring us) when we clearly state everywhere that we are not interested in such partnerships. Thanks a lot for your understanding!