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# Change Log


Version 16.25 (July 2, 2024)


Non-modal search dialog

Added an option to change the search dialog a non-modal window (stays open

until you press the close button).

Structural highlighting

Added new options to highlight the current code block (based on indention) by

displaying colored vertical and optional horizontal lines.

Options are located in "Options - Display - Structural highlighting and indent lines".

Highlight words

Made some color changes to make both background and text colors adaptive and

look better on different background colors (light/dark background color).

Code completion

Code completion inside HTML style="" attribute should work now.

Open project

Added a warning if you try to open an already opened project.


Fixed a few word wrap issues.


* Code completion issues in CSS style blocks or inside style="" attributes.

* Undo issue.


RJ TextEd software is best described as a Unicode style of text and source editor. It boasts an array of features that allow for the editing of text documents in a thorough and customized manner.

The software functions with program languages like Unicode, C++, C#, ASP, Java, ASCII, JavaScript and Perl. There is also support for PHP, HTML, and ASP. For a quick review with screenshots check out this article.

RJ TextEd Review

Let's take a look at RJ TextEd's features to help you figure out if a download is justified.

RJ TextEd's Capabilities

This software features all sorts of features like code folding, syntax highlighting, HTML document previews, a built-in spell checker, full FTP client and even e-mail support. The editing functions can operate with any language thanks to the software's ability to process language files.

There is also a helpful syntax definition file editor to boot. Users love the HTML preview tab made possible with the Mozilla Active X component. Take advantage of the Firefox and Internet Explorer preview tabs, and you will have comprehensive browser capabilities at your disposal. You can modify or add folder favorites within the tabs rather quickly. Go ahead and build a list with your favorite files, conduct searches across a massive database, seek out specific words for replacement, perform a spell check for your chosen programming language, record macros and undo errant adjustments.

Other RJ TextEd bells and whistles include an array of print and folding options, an advanced column mode, tag matching, bookmarks, search and replace functions for folders and regex, auto complete, FTP editing, extended search capabilities and the reformatting of paragraphs as well as selected text. There is even a project manager function with virtual folders. RJ TextEd's laundry list of features intimidates some users and puts a smile on the faces of other users. This software is clearly one of the most sophisticated text editors available to the general public. It will likely continue to be updated across posterity as new features are created and implemented.

The User Experience

RJ TextEd's user interface is easy to understand and clear in every aspect. Users can move between windows for rapid navigation purposes and the quick viewing of specific files or folders. The software is built to accommodate several different documents at once so don't limit yourself to one particular file at a time. You will be able to alternate between numerous windows without causing the software to delay command executions. Do not hesitate to take advantage of editing tools in a rapid-fire manner. RJ TextEd won't freeze up on you if you copy, cut, paste, delete, insert and highlight at a fast pace.


Individuals who have been searching for a Windows code editor should give RJ TextEd a shot. The tech community considers it to be the web's premier free text editor. This software can even compete against commercial editors that cost money. Give RJ TextEd a chance, and you might even be inspired to fork over a few dollars to its authors.

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