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# Change Log


Line duplicate (menu Edit) - in case when line isn't selected, the cursor stay in same position as before in new line

When PSPad is moved to another monitor, icon on taskbar follows application. I was forced to remove program name from PSPad window title to satisfy both groups of users.

Scripting - new function logIsVisible() returns if LOG window is/isn't visible

Menu Encoding contains new submenu Unicode normalization with 2 items: Canonical Composition and Canonical Decomposition. Accented unicode char can be written as one char containing accent or as 2 chars - basic char followed by accent. These functions provide composition or decomposition of accented chars.

Program settings / Direct edit - new special option UnicodeComposition=1. This settings will automatically make Canonical composition when file is loaded. But note, it will significantly slow down file open speed!

Log window will mark "debug" line with green symbol

Scripting - new function markEditorLine(integer) - will paint sent line with same color as click in the LOG window

Scripting - running scripts are automatically terminated when PSPad is closing

Scripting - new function reloadUserHighlighter(name: string) - reloads user highlighter if loaded. Parametr means name of highlighter or name of definition file.

Find/Replace dialog - added possibility to store profiles

Word under cursor will be returned even cursor is behind the word

Scripting - added variables for getVarValue(): %File% (file name without extension), %Ext% (file extension)

Sample size for code page autodetection was increased from 8 000 to 25 000 chars

Windows Shell script highlighter - added over 100 new keywords

PSPad will inform you when config file save problem occurs.

Function Remove duplicated lines from menu Edit / Line manipulation works with selected text. If no text is selected, it works with whole file

Delete lines with bookmarks - new function in the Search menu or editor Context menu

New code explorer for Z80 assembler (file type FTAssem). New user highlighter Z80 Assembler, which replace existing Z80.

Sort (menu Edit) - function allows you sort by lines up to 3 defined columns

Find in files - results - optimalized drawing, added hint to show whole line

Code explorer for ftXML ignores IMAGE tag what is e.g. in SGML without close tag

User highlighter - added Euklid+ support


Hex editor - paste binnary text changed some chars

Hex editor - statusbar informations

On higher DPI menu items used small font (problem of developer tool)

Code explorer for Unix shell script didn't accept function names containing dot

Code explorer - click doesn't focus editor even it was set in Code explorer toolbar button

SpellCheck - excelption sometimes occured

TextDiff - exception sometimes on the last line

FTP - file list parsing - if year is missing and day and month are grater than now, i will consider last year

Code clips - problem with sorting and "ch" letter (slavic languages considers "ch" as one letter)

Code explorer for Autohotkey

Pascal Code explorer caused program hang up with some specific source content

PHP code beautifier needs existing file. New file caused program hang up

Export highlihted text to RTF

TextDiff - accidental exception on modified line

ISO 8859-2 - fix of code page autodetection

wrong PSPad version (32b vs 64b) in the window title

Oracle SQL highlighter and text literals

Dropper - fixed for 64b version

HEX editor - string is checked before paste for allowed hex chars

Find in files - in the search results tabulator disappeared

Windows Shell script - fixed highlighting of words containing "-"

Find in files results - invisible font with black background

Autohotkey Code explorer - function detection fix

Problem with screen repaint when switch PSPad and Chrome based browser

Impossibility to save file without extension. This will be possible when you change file type in save dialog to *.

Fixed problem with transient freezing joined with pair bracket highlighting

Autocomplete (Ctrl+J) in case of user highlighter with case insensitive keywords offers all words from highlighter definition as upper case

Repaint the ruller if PSPad dragged onto monitor with different DPI

% % for ASP doesn't require space after/before % char

Find in Files - after click on the Open file ikon in the search result window, file was open empty

TextDiff with file - handled encoding exception via file load

Taskbar thumbnail update

Many internal fixes related to unicode

WordWrap with highlight matching brackets caused exception in some cases


PSPad is a well-known freeware editor among Microsoft® Windows® users. It was released for the first time in 2001 by Mr. Jan Fiala. Ever since new features were added with each new release. Nowadays, PSPad is one of the best choices when it comes down to many features and the variety of syntax highlighting profiles.

Since the number of features is overwhelming, those are just a couple of them: full HEX editor, support for Unicode, ANSI, ISO, OEM, auto correction, spell checking, undo-redo operations, and unlimited length. Save desktop session (resume your work) and work on several documents at the same time. Built-in FTP client, macro recorder and active scripting for automation purposes, integrated TiDy library, code explorer, export to RTF, HTML, TeX formats. Advanced search and replace function that will work in all open files, folders, and projects. View differences between data, presenting them using color highlighting with print preview, column block and Rectangular block selection, advanced line sorting and many other features. The editor is available in two formats: as a setup file (installer) and a portable version (zip archive). Please keep in mind that no version comes with spell check dictionaries and you have to download them separately from here.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows®, and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States or other countries.

PSPad Review

Important: Starting with 1st March 2015, PSPad is 100% clean, free of bundles, free of anything else that can be flagged as adware - so please give this editor a chance! Please support the author with a donation for his courage to stop using bundles. Even a small donation matters - please use the "Donate" button.

The installation process is fast, and you can run PSPad in a matter of seconds. As soon as you run PSPad for the first time, you might feel intimidated by the massive amount of features. Don't be; this editor has excellent support if you want to learn more about a feature check the HELP or FAQ sections. You can find almost everything you need to know about PSPad (including screenshots) such as entire chapters split on: necessary information, working with PSPad, menu description, customization and once again an FAQ section.

If you're a programmer, you will also discover that besides of a comprehensive text and code editor, PSPad is also an easy and excellent IDE which allows you to edit and parse compiler output, not to mention that it's a better alternative to many, similar commercial programs. I can't cover all program features in a short review. Also, the help and FAQ sections that I mentioned does a much better job.

Regular users might not know why they should use such an editor. Just a couple of tips that I can think of: as a much better alternative to the standard, plain text editors and even several Word-based applications. Think about the following features: multiple undo-redo, auto-correction, spell-checking, work with large files, save a desktop session and start from where you left off, and those are just a few of my favorites. As a conclusion, PSPad is one of the best, free editors for programmers, web developers and even for regular users that look for the perfect text and code editor. Please support it with a donation!

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