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TED Notepad

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TED Notepad is a small, lightweight free notepad replacement developed since 2001. It works on all versions of Microsoft Windows from 95 to Windows 7. Overtime, the author (Juraj Simlovic) added many innovative features (over 312).

The interface looks the same with Microsoft NotePad except the huge amount of functions. If you need a tiny, fast, portable, swiss-army-knife text editor for Windows - this would be it. This is a freeware software, obviously you don't have to pay but if you like this and want new, better versions, show some appreciation to author - DONATE.

TED Notepad Review

The installation is easy and safe. No toolbars, Adware or any other crap just a couple of seconds for a smooth installation. Just a short note before installing this editor. You can choose to replace Microsoft Notepad if you want to. If you want the portable version, there is no setup. All you have to do is to launch TED Notepad and that's it. It looks almost the same but it's something different. This software was built for functionality and the list of his features is simply overwhelming for a program of it's size. The complete list of his features can be found here.

Probably you will never need all of them. At the time that I wrote this, there were 312 features so it's a huge list. However, this software has several features that you won't find at other similar applications. I would like to mention just a few: secondary search (you can search for two different things at the same time), select text to the next occurrence while searching, line completion (not the usual word completion) and many others.

As a conclusion, I would say that TED Notepad is the best alternative to Notepad. If you want a similar program that looks like the classic Notepad from Windows but it does a lot more, this is it. One more thing, if you need help the entire documentation can be found here.

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