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BleachBit is a free, open source disk cleaner, system optimizer and also a privacy tool: an excellent, free alternative to other similar tools such as CCleaner.

You can use this software for various tasks (see the features section below) such as: delete temporary system files (history, logs), remove browser history, cache, cookies and much more. It can also shred files preventing data recovery and has the ability to overwrite the free disk space which also prevents data recovery. The software interface is pretty simple and although, you might feel a little intimidated when using it for the first time, for basic usage, just choose the (1) area you want to clean (e.g. browser cookies and history) (2 - optional) use the "Preview and (3) "Clean" button. A good idea would be to check the "Documentation" section before actually using the program - you only need a few minutes to read all of it. If you need to ask a question, the "Help" section has several, additional links to several places where you can get help, such as the forum. Currently, this tool runs on Microsoft® Windows® (available as an installer and portable version) and Linux.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Important: Due to a long list of Linux distro, FossHub doesn't list them but you can download BleachBit for Linux here (from its official homepage).


- easy to use, intuitive GUI (software interface)

- cross-platform: the software runs on both Microsoft Windows and Linux

- free, clean and open source under GNU General Public License version 3

- overwrite files (shred) and folders to prevent data recovery

- overwrite free disk space to prevent the recovery of deleted files

- wipes the unallocated disk space which also improves the data compression for backup images

- command line interface for those who need to automate tasks

- advanced users can write their own cleaner in XML using CleanerML

- extend BleachBit capabilities using Winapp2.ini (an add-on for BleachBit, CCleaner and System Ninja)

- auto-updater available for Winapp2.ini (1700+ additional cleaners) increase BleachBit capabilities

- advanced functions such as vacuuming for Mozilla Firefox browser

- available in all popular languages, actually more than 61 languages

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