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Mp3Splt is a free audio file editing utility that you can use to split Ogg Vorbis and mp3 files and reselect beginning and end time positions for the tracks you create- and all without having to do any decoding.

Mp3Splt handles all the heavy lifting.

Note: Mp3Splt is an outdated app. We listed it because several users requested us. The last version was released back in November 2014. However, it still works well for most users. If you're having trouble and you use Windows OS, try mp3DirectCut which is up-to-date.

Important: Please make sure you download the correct package. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any macOS packages.

mp3splt : Mp3splt is the command line program from the mp3splt-project.

libmp3splt : Libmp3splt is a library created from mp3splt version 2.1c. Libmp3splt is not thread-safe.

mp3splt-gtk : Mp3splt-gtk is a GTK3 GUI that uses libmp3splt. Most users will probably want to download this file.


- split mp3, ogg Vorbis and native FLAC files without decoding

- split recursive multiple files

- support for ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags mp3 files (using libid3tag), 

- support for Vorbis comments 

- split album with split points from 

- split album using .XMCD, .CDDB or .CUE files

- support for Audacity labels file

- automated split with silence detection

- silence detection trim

- split using a fixed time length or equal time tracks

- split Mp3Wrap or AlbumWrap files

- split concatenated mp3 

- mp3 VBR (variable bit rate) support

- choose output directory when you split files

This is extremely useful if you like to download audio files from websites or other locations that contain an entire album in one unwieldy file. You can split it up as you see fit, select start and end points accordingly, or you can download all of the split points from an online location or load them from a local file.

What's more, you can rename and reorder all of the sections that you've divided the original file up into and play them in the order of your choosing including random order.

Mp3Splt supports several different cut and fade types including time delays, fade out and fade in. It has a silence detection feature that will free you from having to listen to an extended period of nothing before or after a track. You can also extract music or other audio tracks from AlbumWrap or Mp3Wrap files in just a few seconds. For mp3 files, ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags are fully supported.

This makes it easy to add to your music collection without getting bogged down with a massive amount of full albums that cannot be played except in their entirety from beginning to end. Even in the days of vinyl records, music fans could pick up the needle and choose a different track if they could learn to spot the space between grooves on the face of a record.

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