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# Change Log

Emergency fix for 1.0.2

For Apple Silicon users: please use Demucs-GUI_1.0.2_macOS_x86_64_Rosetta2.dmg due to a bug mentioned in README. It can reach 25% performance compared with native ARM64 software if you separate an audio with CPU, but MPS acceleration is available and will not affect the accelerated speed.


1. Fix an issue about reading audio with FFMpeg

Known issues

1. May causes waiting for long time when loading a remote model for the first time


Demucs GUI is a GUI for python project demucs (Demucs Music Source Separation) with optimized memory usage in CUDA.

Please read release notes on GitHub Release before using!

The project aims to let users without any coding experience separate tracks without difficulty. Since the original project Demucs used a scientific library torch,the packed binaries with the environment are massive. If you have questions about usage or the project, please open an issue on GitHub to tell us.

Note: This project includes the code of Demucs under the MIT license.

System requirements

For Windows: At least Windows 8

For Mac: At least macOS 10.15

For Linux: We currently have no intention to pack binaries for Linux.


Memory: At least 6GB memory,but an 8GB swap may be required.At least 3GB of private memory (not shared memory) is required.The longer the track you want to separate, the more memory will be required.

GPU: Only NVIDIA GPUs are available.

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