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mp3DirectCut is a free, lossless audio editor and recorder for MP3 files. You can use this tiny tool to perform various actions such as: copy/paste, cuts/crops, gain/fades, change the volume, remove parts, split files, add/copy regions and more without decompressing the audio file (e.g. decompress MP3 file in PCM/WAV format).

You will be able to save time, hard drive space and what's important, there is no quality loss when performing re-compressions. Because of its simple user interface anyone can easily do audio editing (even on multiple files - this utility supports batch operations) without changing the quality of the file. This application will run on all Microsoft® Windows® versions and it should run on other Linux distributions using a Windows® emulator such as Wine.

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mp3DirectCut Review

Setup: Although, the software itself is delivered as a setup file (installer) you can force the program to start in portable mode. The program will allow you to do this when it runs for the first time - make sure that "Portable forced" box is checked and read the instructions.

Using the program: Despite of its amazing (small) size, there's a ton of features available. Everything starts with the (1) addition of the audio file that you want to change. Open a file, manipulate it however you want (2) and finally, export it in MP3 format (3). Obviously, I provided a short summary but to understand better what you can actually do with this software, it's suffice to take a look on the main features:

- Non-destructive MP3 files editing (using different actions such as trim, copy or crop)

- edit MP3 files (cut, copy, paste, change volume, preview edits and cuts)

- supports MP3 recording using LAME or ACM encoders, edit raw AAC audio files

- fast MPEG and MP3 visualization, VU meter, bitrate visualization, audio normalization and pause detections

- support for Layer 2 (DVD/DVB audio)

- cue sheet and auto cue support (divide tracks by time values)

- Unicode support and tag editor for ID3v1 tags

- high speed recorder, command line usage and batch processing

- created file can be used as ringtone on mobile phones

- create MP3 files from other sources (CD player, sound card, microphone etc.)


Conclusion: After playing with mp3DirectCut for several hours I can only say that you won't find a better, free audio editor for MP3 files, actually I don't think I lie (perhaps an insult but that's the truth) if I say it's better than a few paid alternatives. Of course, I am not comparing it with the free audio editor "titans" such as Audacity or LMMS (which are more complex). My rating is based on his features, simplicity and learning curve. If you look to perform certain actions on MP3 files (without losing audio quality), look no further, this app is truly amazing. If you find this tool helpful, please donate as this will encourage the author to improve it and release new features.

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