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f.lux is free software that automatically changes the lighting on your computer during the evening hours. If you like to use your computer at night, which most of us do, then you’re going to love f.lux. 

This is not only an eye-saver but dramatically enhances your quality of sleep.

Note: f.lux is available for macOS, Linux, iPhone or iPad, and Android. Unfortunately, we could not find the proper version for all of them, and they all seem to have a different version.

Here’s how it works.

Once you download the free f.lux software, you type in your zip code or city, and the program determines when the sun sets and rises in your area. Then at sunset, you will notice your computer screen dimming slightly and getting a rosy-orange tint. The software reduces the amount of white-blue light emitted and increases the red light. You have the option to adjust the hue to tilt more towards the red or blue light if you want. However, if you leave it at default, you will get an appropriate mix of red and blue light.

When the sun rises, the rosy hue fades from the screen, and you’ll see the brighter white appearance that you’re used to. 

Fortunately, f.lux automatically adjusts your screen’s lighting, so you don’t need to remember to do it every day. If you need full light to view a picture, you can pause f.lux quickly with a click of the mouse.

You may be wondering why to bother changing the lighting on your computer. Research indicates that looking at a blue light right before bed hinders your sleep. Light rays contain energy, and the shorter the wavelength, the more power it emits. Blue light rays have the shortest wavelengths and hence, the most energy. That’s, in part, why staring at a laptop before bed leads to increased energy and insomnia for many people. 

The blue light triggers the brain to believe it’s daylight and time to be in a state of wakefulness.

If you need your sleep but can’t go without your computer in the evenings, then you’ll be thrilled with the free f.lux software. By decreasing the blue rays during the evening hours, you will sleep better and be healthier.

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