Exact Audio Copy

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# Change Log

- Standard setup now using gnudb.org instead of freedb.org

- Several small problems with secondary encoder

- Fixed problems with the Musicbrainz plugin

- Several smaller bugs removed (e.g. replacing spaces by underscores, etc.)


Exact Audio Copy (also known as EAC), a CD grabber program, is efficient, easy to use and is more intuitive than most other CD ripping programs on the market.

It conveniently runs on Windows and on newer versions of 64-bit Linux with Wine installed, which is a software compatibility layer that lets users run Windows-based programs on Unix-like operating systems.

It handles CD imperfections with ease and is the ideal CD grabber for an audiophile. Many options are available, e.g. for editing compression command lines, giving the user control over the quality of music that's ripped. It corrects audio imperfections for individual songs, ideal for CDs that are scratched or dinged.

Other audio grabbers usually only extract in Burst mode and not much else, so users typically have to listen to each song to ensure the quality is okay, but not with Exact Audio Copy. This program uses several technologies to help ensure CDs are ripped accurately and by that maintaining optimal sound quality.

Exact Audio Copy supports all types of CD and DVD drives for versatile use. It accurately detects, and repairs read errors. This program rips to all file types as well, including WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, APE, and others.

Such flexibility gives the user control over preserving the quality of ripped music. Music that's grabbed from CDs with Exact Audio Copy plays without errors and using a lossless music format indeed preserves the original sound.

Organizing music collections is simple when you grab CDs with Exact Audio Copy: It automatically adds metadata tags to the extracted music files and creates cue sheets with track attributes and CD-Text included. Seasoned music lovers will enjoy using Exact Audio Copy to create digital music files from their CD collection or to prepare a perfect 1:1 copy.

Additionally, a WAV editor is included, which can be used to cut, denoise, amplify or filter the extracted audio.

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