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WinSCP (also known as Windows Secure Copy) is a free, open source SFTP, FTP and SCP software for Microsoft Windows.

The main purpose of this client is to offer a secured (SFTP, FTPS) or a regular (standard FTP) file transfer between a computer and a server and other remote devices. It is also being used as a (check the features list below) file synchronization, file manager, offers support for SCP protocol and it is available as a plugin for other third party tools such as FAR Manager (free) and Altap Salamander (shareware). This client has been released under the GNU General Public License and can be used as a standard installer or as a portable version.


- it offers two GUI (Graphical User Interface) one similar with Norton Commander and the other with Windows Explorer

- support for Microsoft Windows integration during setup process or through "Integration page" from Preferences dialog

- support for common files operations: find, upload, delete, rename, move, edit files

- support for several file transfer protocols: SFTP, SCP, FTP and WebDAV protocols

- advanced functions such as batch file scripting, command-line interface, .NET assembly

- offers support for directory synchronization: both manually and fully automated (for certain synchronization tasks)

- integrated simple text editor that allows you to edit text files locally or remotely

- PuTTY, KiTTY, Cygwin, OpenSSH integration: for example you can import sites from PuTTY client or automate this process

- support for: public key, password, interactive keyboard and Kerberos (GSS) authentication

- PuTTY authentication agent integration (Pageant): full support for public key authentication with SSH

- offers the ability to add a master password to protect the stored information

- translated in all popular languages such as Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese etc.

- free, open source, and clean (no longer bundled with installers or other unwanted software).

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