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WebRaptor is a free web browser for Microsoft® Windows® based on chromiumFx, CEF, Chromium. You can use it to download and extract audio or videos from web pages, block ads and malicious sites, clear cache when closing the browser and a few more other features that the team behind this browser wishes to implement.

The browser development is new, and therefore there might be unknown bugs.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows®, and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Trademark Note 2: Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Important: When attempting to install WebRaptor browser, you might be asked to install one or more versions of the .NET framework. The browser is written in C# which requires the .NET runtime (just in case you're wondering). Please keep in mind that most recent Microsoft Windows® OS versions already have .NET installed. If the version you have is too old or it is not installed, it will prompt you to download and install it before being able to run WebRaptor.

WebRaptor Review


Apart from the .NET framework required, there were no issues; I managed to install and launch the browser quick.

Note: I tested the app, and it worked perfect but if you're having troubles to load individual video files, try to install a codec pack. The author suggests "K-Lite Codec Pack, " and although I did not test the browser with it, my recommendation is LAV Filters. If you already have a codec pack installed, videos might work.


I will keep it simple: if you're a fan of the shiny, fancy software interfaces, I don't think you will like WebRaptor user interface. It looks pretty basic and depending on your preferences some of you might want all the bell and whistles found at other, older browsers. I am talking about add-ons, a ton of features or highly customizable stuff.

Now the good part: If you're looking for a primary browser that aims to put security above other concerns, you might like WebRaptor.

The browser comes with a malicious/ads blocking feature (using the blacklist from winhelp2002), and according to the primary author, it is doing a decent job at preventing most "link-bite" malicious javascript traps where you cannot close the browser tab."


When it comes down to web browsers, people know about Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (on newer OS known as Microsoft Edge), Safari, Opera and others. The data has been taken from StatCounter which shows the existing browser market share.

However, there are other web browsers with a much smaller market share, but unfortunately, they don't benefit from the same user support.

WebRaptor is such a project and if you're searching for another browser, try it. Looking at the market share and considering it is based on Chromium (almost the same thing with Google Chrome) I would say it has a future and potential, especially if you have nothing against Chromium-based browsers.

My bet, in the long run, is the ability of its team to implement and focus on security features. My opinion is that existing browsers are not safe enough to protect users from a significant amount of malware that might penetrate through a web browser.

I honestly believe this is a web browser niche that would have its fans.

Sure, you can add additional security layers to a browser by using various anti-malware tools such as HitManPro.Alert or a decent antivirus product but it will cost you money.

If you like WebRaptor browser, I would recommend you to donate to the team responsible for its development. Maybe this will encourage them to release new and improved versions. If you can't afford to donate, suggestions or ideas are welcome.

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