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Brave is a free internet browser developed by Brave Software, and it was initially released in beta form in 2016.

Brave was explicitly created to accomplish two things for internet consumers: To block all internet trackers and advertisements, and to surf the web faster than its competitors like Chrome and Firefox.

Note: If you're looking to download a Linux version, you can do it from the Brave Linux section here.

The Brave browser will leave a relatively small footprint on your system. The download file to install is just over 28 MB in size. Brave also saves a tremendous amount of storage space on your system if you use it for most of your internet browsing; you can easily save several GB of space due to brave blocking the massive amounts of trackers, super cookies and other unwanted files that will infect a computer in a short amount of time.

Brave indeed does deliver a faster internet browsing experience. This is exceptionally notable on a side by side comparison with Chrome or Firefox. Favorite news websites, for example, use an average of about 68 trackers every time you load them, which are installed on your system when the ads run on the page. With Brave, pages load with only the information and images you want. Pages that display a pop-up asking you to disable your ad blocking extension (in Chrome or Firefox) will merely load in Brave because the browser itself is the ad blocker.

The browser comes installed with full privacy as the default setting. This can easily be toggled on or off in the settings. Since the browser is still relatively new, updates are frequently offered, and Brave Software is continuously working to refine and improve the browsing experience. One of Brave's most recent updates added the ability for content creators on YouTube to monetize their videos, which was something that was missing from earlier release versions.

Brave delivers on its two core promises: It browses the web faster, and it blocks all advertising. The only downside to the browser (which Brave Software is continuously working to improve) is that you will occasionally run into a website that will not work due to the privacy features of Brave. Makes you wonder whether you want to visit that site, after all, doesn't it?

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