VMware Install Cleaner

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Jul 28, 2023 Last updated



VMware Install Cleaner is an open-source utility tool that can be utilized to clean up residual files and registry entries left behind by VMware products after they have been uninstalled.

This tool can be handy if you are having problems installing or uninstalling other software, or if you simply want to free up disk space. VMware Install Cleaner can scan your registry for residual VMware keys and values, wherein these keys and values can cause issues with other software installations, so it can be a great idea to delete them.

The software enables you to customize the scan process, where you can choose the types of files and registry entries that you want to scan, and you can also prohibit particular files and registry entries from the scan. Furthermore, VMware Install Cleaner can also scan your system for residual VMware files. These files can be located in multiple locations including the Windows directory, the Program Files directory, and the user's home directory.

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