Universal USB Installer

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Jul 7, 2023 Last updated



Universal USB Installer is a multifaceted and easy-to-use software that permits users to generate bootable USB drives for installing various operating systems and utility tools.

It supports a broad range of operating systems and utility tools, including popular Linux distributions, Windows installation ISOs, system recovery tools, antivirus rescue disks, and more. The software streamlines the procedure of generating bootable USB drives, authorizing users to install or run different operating systems and tools directly from the USB device.

Universal USB Installer has a persistence functionality as well, where it allows users to generate bootable USB drives with persistent storage. This means that changes and configurations applied during the usage of the operating system or tool are saved and retained across several sessions. The persistence feature is specifically handy for Linux distributions, as it permits users to save documents, settings, and installed apps on the USB drive itself.

Furthermore, the software offers extra tools and options to improve the functionality and customization of the bootable USB drives. Users can format the USB drive, modify file system settings, enable or disable persistence, and customize boot menu settings. These additional tools and options provide users greater control over the bootable USB creation process.

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