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TextWrangler, designed particularly for macOS, is a text editing software that provides a broad range of functionalities that makes it a great choice among programmers, web developers, and anyone who works extensively with text files.

TextWrangler offers an extensive set of tools for editing and manipulating text, and it supports syntax highlighting for numerous programming languages, making it effortless to read and navigate code. The software also provides advanced search and replace functions, permitting users to easily find and replace text across several files. It also supports regular expressions, column selection, and multiple cursors, enabling productive editing and manipulation of text.

TextWrangler caters to developers by providing multiple capabilities tailored to their needs. It supports code folding, granting users to collapse and expand sections of code for enhanced readability. It also offers auto-completion and code snippets, which assist accelerate coding by giving suggestions and pre-written code segments. The software integrates with version control systems like Git, permitting users to manage their code repositories directly within the editor.

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