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SpeedFan is free monitoring software that will allow you to check the fan speed, voltage, and temperature. The app will enable you to access S.M.A.R.T. info and show you the hard drive temperature (it supports SCSI disks).

It can also change the F.S.B. on specific hardware, access digital temperature sensors (list with supported hardware monitor chips and temperature sensors here), and it can also change the fan speed, which can help to reduce noise. SpeedFan will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and all Microsoft Windows versions starting with Windows 9x and up to Windows 10.

SpeedFan Review

SpeedFan is free software that keeps your computer in working order by monitoring and changing fan speeds based on the temperature inside your unit. It checks the voltage and heat of multiple components and automatically adjusts fan speeds to compensate.

Graphic Displays

The user can see charts that give details about all vital system functions. Adjustments to those functions, based on the graphic representations, can improve computer performance.

Hard Disk Monitoring

Perhaps the handiest feature is the monitoring your hard disk. It compares hard-disk performance with online statistics about hard drives so it can predict disk failure or corruption.


The user interface is definitely for the tech-savvy. Viewers encounter an enormous amount of data on the monitoring screen. It is fair to say that SpeedFan is more accurate than attractive.

Default Warnings

The software issues several warnings by default, taking away the need to analyze every piece of data and interpret it. These warnings are accompanied by charts and graphs to help the viewer understand what the numbers in the warnings mean.


SpeedFan used to provide regular updates to improve functionality and address known issues. However, the leading developer didn't provide new updates but promised to release a new version.

Who Needs SpeedFan?

Users who have concerns about the efficiency of their computers will find that SpeedFan can improve performance. Also, those who want to avoid hard disk malfunctions will find this software useful.


Setting up SpeedFan can be a challenge. For the novice, some patient following of instructions will be required. However, online tutorials and YouTube videos walk users through the process. Once the software is correctly set up, using it is fast and straightforward.

The Bottom Line

For people who do a lot of computer work and can't afford delays, SpeedFan can keep units running smoothly. While backups can help mitigate hard disk problems, the loss of functionality can be severe. Those concerned about such loss may want to try SpeedFan.

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