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Slimjet Browser is formed on the Chromium open-source project, as it inherits the rapidity and reliability of Google Chrome while including its own unique features and improvements.

The browser includes a wide range of productivity-enhancing functionalities, as it offers a customizable start page, granting users to set their chosen search engine and add fast access bookmarks or widgets. It supports tabbed browsing, permitting users to open several websites in separate tabs for productive multitasking. Slimjet Browser provides a powerful download manager that allows users to manage and organize their downloads effortlessly.

The software has its robust customization options as well, as it provides a built-in theme and plugin manager, granting users to personalize the browser's appearance and functionality relative to their preferences. Users can choose from various themes or create their own, giving the browser a unique look. Slimjet Browser also supports a variety of extensions from the Chrome Web Store, giving users with access to a sizeable library of tools and enhancements to further optimize their browsing experience.

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