Remap Shortcut Updater

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Sep 14, 2018 Last updated



Remap Shortcut Updater is a simple application that automates the job of re-directing shortcuts to a new location.

Shortcuts often become invalid when a target file, folder, or application is moved to a different location or disk drive. When attempting to launch broken shortcuts, Windows displays an error message telling you that the destination no longer exists.

This can be aggravating when it happens to start menu shortcuts, desktop shortcuts, or any shortcuts that you may have specifically defined to streamline your workflow for applications and documents. Broken shortcuts can be edited and redirected manually, but Remap does the job for you automatically, allowing you to process many broken shortcuts in just a few seconds.

It’s light, makes only a minimal impact on your system, is compatible with just about any Windows version, and has no prohibitive minimum hardware requirements.

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