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RegSeeker is a free (for personal use only) powerful registry search and cleaner software for Microsoft® Windows®. You can use it to find out exactly what is installed and running on your PC and also to control different areas such as start-up entries, services, drivers, privacy (get rid of junk files, history), installed applications, browsers extensions and much more.

This program will work with all popular Windows® versions such as XP, Vista, 7, 8 including both (32-bit and 64-bit) platforms.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


- advanced registry search and cleaner: search for any registry entries, export or delete results, scan for invalid entries etc.

- manage all installed applications: perform uninstall operations, browse through applications settings, add or remove invalid entries (registry), display service pack etc.

- control start-up entries: installed software, running services (you can change the start-up type or disable them), Drivers, browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome) add-on (such as BHO, ActiveX, Toolbars, Extensions).

- control privacy: Clear document history, browsers caches (IE/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome), old Start Menu entries, Junk files etc.

- create and manage Regedit bookmarks: you can create favorites so that you can access fast registry entries.

- apply more than 25 tweaks for your operating system.

- integrated file search tool: use it to find duplicate files, invalid shortcuts etc.

- use the backup manager: backup your registry before making any changes to your operating system. You can easily view the backup content and restore later.

- information panel: you can view detailed statistics about your PC.

- auto-cleaner: select what to clean and hit one single button.

RegSeeker Review

Important: Please note that starting with version 2.57 the installer version of RegSeeker DOES NOT include toolbar/add-ons which is great! You can choose to install it or not. Also, make sure that you really know what you're doing before using the registry cleaner function.

I tested the portable version of RegSeeker under Windows 7 (32-bit) edition and overall my experience was good. This tool has a clean and intuitive interface and plenty of features.

What I liked

1. PC Info - As soon as you open RegSeeker, right in the middle it's a small icon named "PC Info". If you click on it, you will be able to view all kind of details about your computer. Now, here comes the interesting part: it will display the computer manufacturer, serial number, BIOS version, CPU info (model and family), RAM (type and frequency), HDD (Hard Disk Drive manufacturer, interface, size and serial) and other valuable details. If you ever need to download drivers for your computer, this "feature" will save you a lot of time. Probably the author considered that it's not that important but I personally love it and would like to see it listed just like all the other features for more visibility.

2. Installed Applications - useful as it gives you access straight to all programs installed on your operating system. If you perform a right-click on a certain application you gain access to other advanced tasks. However, only advanced users should use these options. If you wish to "Uninstall" a program, perform a right-click on it and choose "Delete Selected Items". Not a major issue but some users might get confused as they are used to look for "Uninstall" instead of "Delete" option.

3. Startup Entries - excellent and intuitive implementation. You don't have to follow the "traditional method: press Windows® "Start" button, then type "msconfig" etc. Just access this area, select the desired program, perform a right-click on it, go to "Startup Entries" and you can easily choose to "Enable" or "Disable" the application.

4. Tweaks - if you ever purchased a computer magazine I am sure that you've read all those titles "How to tweak Windows®", "Speed Up Windows®" and so on. This feature allow you to add, disable or modify several Windows® settings. Some of them might apply only to a certain version of Windows® but the author specified the version (e.g. XP).

What I didn't like

I will be short on this: the only thing that's missing is a "Help" file for the software and maybe a second place to look for additional help such as a forum, just in case that the user might want to ask something. I tried to read other reviews or tutorials and I couldn't find something useful.


Don't be deceived by his subtitle "The Ultimate Registry and Cleaning Toolbox". Although I was tempted to associate this software with another, regular "registry cleaner" I realized that it has so much more to offer. I recommend RegSeeker as an indispensable utility for every Windows® user. Seriously, grab a copy and if you're happy with it, please consider a donation to the author.

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