Process Explorer

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Jun 14, 2023 Last updated



Process Explorer is an essential tool for system administrators, power users, and anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of their Windows system's processes and performance, developed by Sysinternals (a subsidiary of Microsoft).

It serves as an advanced task manager, providing users with an in-depth view of all running processes on their Windows system. It also offers a more detailed and comprehensive display of process information compared to the standard Windows Task Manager. Users can quickly identify resource-intensive processes, track down system bottlenecks, and troubleshoot performance issues. Process Explorer has the ability to provide extensive information about running processes and their associated DLLs, handles, threads, and memory usage. Users can delve into process details and gain insights into the inner workings of their system. This information can be invaluable for diagnosing system issues, detecting malware, or analyzing the behavior of specific applications.

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