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Prime95, developed by George Woltman, is a dynamic software mainly used for stress testing computer systems, specifically the CPU and RAM. It is widely acclaimed for its purpose in finding and verifying prime numbers through a process called "primality testing."

Prime95 performs comprehensive primality testing on huge numbers, finding prime numbers and verifying their authenticity. It uses a variety of algorithms, including Lucas-Lehmer and Probabilistic Lucas-Lehmer, to carry out this complex mathematical computation.

It has feature called "Torture Test", which is a mode that enables users to exert maximum stress on the CPU and RAM simultaneously. This aids in identifying potential weaknesses in the overall system and ensures that the computer can handle substantial processing demands, necessary for testing system reliability and performance under acute conditions.

On the other hand, Prime95 is also greatly recognized for its efficiency in stress testing CPUs by running intensive calculations that push the processor to its limits. This assists in identifying system stability problems, such as overheating, inadequate cooling, or hardware errors that may cause system crashes or errors under heavy loads.

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