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# Change Log

- Changed default icmp data/message to be random characters

- Added message to explain why user input is required by default

- User input prompt will be disabled when output is being redirected

- Fixed exception being fixed when trying to set the console cursor to be visible when output is redirected

- Fixed errors with timestamp arguments

- Fixed inconsistency with RequireInput messages being shown

- Fixed scan and graph command

- Refactored core lookup and ping code


PowerPing is a free, Open Source, improved command line ICMP ping utility. It can be used as an alternative or replacement for the famous "ping" program that comes included in all Microsoft Windows OS versions

. The main advantage is that you can use the same functions from "ping" along with some extra features (see below) that might require you to use different software. If you're looking for a comparison, I can't think at a better example than "PuTTY" (original and popular) vs. "KiTTY" (fork with more features) utilities. According to the author, this app is written in C#, and both Microsoft Windows OS and Linux have inspired his work.

Note: To run this program you will need to run it as "Administrator." Usage requires a different command format such as "--help" instead of "-help."


- Basic ping functionality (see the "Ping Options)

- Colored output (program uses several colors)

- Display options (customize retrieved information)

- ICMP packet customization

- Scanning

- Flooding (send a high volume of pings to an address)

- ICMP packet capture (/listen)

- IP location lookup

- Whois lookup

- Graphing

Future features:

- Traceroute

- Tunneling

- IPv6/ICMPv6

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