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Password Safe is a simple and secure password management application available under Open Source license. It means “free software, ” and it's also probably the oldest password manager (check the "Important" section below).

This small application can help you to create and store usernames and passwords securely.

You will need to remember only one password, called "Master Password" that will allow you to unlock your entire collection of usernames and passwords. This program has several features that will allow you to "generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords, using password policies that you control." With this security tool, you can increase the protection of your passwords.

Important: Password Safe was originally designed by the outstanding security professional, technologist, cryptographer and writer Bruce Schneier (more info here). Currently, is developed by Rony Shapiro and other volunteers. The point is: if you wish to store your passwords using a strong, secure and safe password manager but have any doubts try this app. Finding more reliable alternatives is hard.

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Password-Safe Review

Password Safe is one of the best and easy to use password managers for Windows®. It is incredibly small, easy to install and so simple to use. The entire setup will take you a couple of seconds, and you don’t need a manual to learn how to use this program. Just install the application, click on “New” button to create your first database.

The database is safe as it will be encrypted using secure encryption algorithms such as AES or TwoFish. Once you create your first database, start adding users and passwords.

Go to “Edit” tab and select “Add Entry,” complete all the fields, and that’s it. You can create multiple databases, groups and almost anything else that you would expect from a password manager.

For advanced users, it does have several choices that allow you to customize the application but those are useful after you get familiar with his main features. You can "create intermediate backups before saving" or use shortcuts - this software has many features that you will probably never use.

This application is not a resource hog, in my test it used only 1 MB of RAM which makes this program excellent to run on older computers.

Note: I tested this password manager on nearly all, latest Windows® OS versions such as XP SP 3, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and it worked excellently.

If you ever need a password manager, start with Password Safe. It’s old, stable, easy to use, free, does not contain malware or other intrusive Adware you can check programs sources anytime.

My recommendation is to donate to author of this application. You will encourage him to spend more time on creating better and improved versions of Password Safe.

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