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AuthPass is a free, cross-platform open-source password manager. The main advantage is that you can use AuthPass on any device using Android or iOS (mobile) as well on a standard desktop (macOS, Linux, Windows), and it is compatible with KeePass standard file "kdbx" file format.

You always have access to your password database from any compatible device that can run on all major operating systems. Of course, you need to access the "kdbx" file, and the program allows you to load it from a cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDAV), open the file locally, download it from a specified URL, or you can create a new password database in the same format. Once you open the password database, the program offers a modern user interface from where you can perform all kinds of actions related to password management.


- unlock with biometric authentication (fingerprint, face unlock, etc.)

- store your master password in a Keystore or keychain secured with biometric data

- auto-fill passwords (works only on Android devices)

- cloud sync (synchronize passwords between all your devices - available via Google Drive, Dropbox, WebDAV (NextCloud, OwnCloud, etc.)

- copy and paste support for both desktop and mobile

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