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# Change Log

- Added option 'Prevent certain screen captures' (in 'Tools' - 'Options' - tab 'Security', turned off by default); note that this may also prevent legitimate other software (remote desktop solutions, accessibility tools such as screen magnifiers, etc.) from seeing KeePass windows.

- Added the new option 'Prevent certain screen captures' in the 'Enforce Options (All Users)' dialog (in 'Tools' - 'Advanced Tools' - 'Enforce Options').

- Key files can be created on the secure desktop now.

- Added shortcut keys for the 'Copy Group (Encrypted)' (Ctrl+Shift+C) and 'Paste Group' (Ctrl+Shift+V) commands.

- Ctrl+Shift+V can now be used for pasting entries while the group tree has the input focus and vice versa.

- Added 'More' button in the icon picker dialog, which shows a menu that provides two commands: 'Rename' and 'Export'; the menu is also shown as context menu of the custom icons list.

- When importing an icon, the file name without extension is now used as icon name.

- Added option 'Remember password hiding setting' in the main window column configuration dialog (turned off by default).

- Added support for long paths when running on .NET 4.6.2 or higher.

- Some error messages now contain the type and the HResult of the exception that occured.

- Some error messages are now more detailed when running KeePass with the '-debug' command line option.

- Bitwarden JSON import: two-digit years are now converted to four-digit years.

- Added UIFlags bit for automatically adjusting weak key transformation settings to the current default values (without a confirmation dialog).

- Added DPI detection on Unix-like systems.

- For applications using KeePass as a library: added a new common initialization method ('CommonInitialize') that allows a custom error handling/reporting.

- Databases are now always saved in the KDBX 4/4.1 file format; if you need a KDBX 3.1 file (e.g. for compatibility with an old app), perform an export: main menu 'File' - 'Export' - format 'KeePass KDBX (2.34, Old Format)'.

- Auto-Type: improved compatibility with Remote Desktop Client (WSL).

- In an auto-type error dialog, the sequence is now only displayed if KeePass has been started with the '-debug' command line option.

- Increased maximum length of the main window title.

- Improved handling of shortcut keys in the main window.

- Improved entry data exchange menu update performance.

- After moving a group, KeePass now ensures that the group is visible.

- Improved database save confirmation dialog text.

- When showing the master key creation/change dialog on the secure desktop, trying to perform an operation that is not supported on the secure desktop now results in a simple error message, i.e. it is not possible anymore to choose to cancel the dialog and perform the operation on the normal desktop; this avoids certain accidental data loss scenarios.

- Various improvements in the simple file browser dialog (for the secure desktop).

- While a hot key control of the options dialog is focused, dialog-specific keyboard shortcuts are now disabled.

- Changed the 'MAC Address' password generator profile such that it always generates a unicast, locally administered MAC address in the SLAP administratively assigned quadrant.

- In the icon picker dialog: moved the 'Export' command into the 'More'/context menu of the custom icons list.

- When running on .NET 4.7 or higher, KeePass now supports all TLS/SSL protocol versions that are supported/enabled by the framework/system.

- Improved error messages for exception chains.

- Improved serialization, deserialization and conversion of nullable booleans.

- Improved deserialization of variant dictionaries.

- Improved application context initialization.

- Improved termination of the program in case of a fatal exception.

- Various UI text improvements.

- Various code optimizations.

- Minor other improvements.


KeePass is a free open source password manager that allows you to manage and store passwords in a secure way. This program allows you to put one or more passwords in one database.

Protection of database is assured by a master key or a key file. You will need to remember one single password or select the key file to unlock the entire database. It offers many features, for example, KeePass supports the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) and the Twofish algorithms to encrypt its password databases. KeePass is easy enough for a beginner and it is at the same time a complex application that can satisfy even a computer expert.

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KeePass Review

I could write entire pages about KeePass and it would be probably not enough. To be honest, you can find tons of information's even the program homepage comes with excellent resources and support. However I think I can mention here the most important aspects of this program. It's free, "open-source", "lightweight" and "easy-to-use" which is more than enough. I mean, when you want the best password manager you can expect to be shareware, that means that you need to pay for a full license. KeePass is another proof that "best things in life are free".

I tested this application on a computer running Windows® 7. It took me several minutes to understand the basic features and usage. The program works excellent on Windows®. As an advice, make sure to remember the "master password" which is going to let you access the entire database.

TIP: Do not create a single password for all of your accounts. If you have one password that you're using it at your email account, bank account, computer login or others you can be in great danger. Supposing that you are a phishing victim, if the bad person is going to access all your accounts with one password you can realize that this is a bad thing.

This is where KeePass will surpass your ability to remember long and complicated passwords and it will become your best friend. As a conclusion, this is "probably" the best, free password manager.

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