Pale Moon

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Jun 26, 2023 Last updated



Pale Moon is an open-source, customizable and performance-focused web browser that is based on the Mozilla Firefox codebase.

It is designed to prioritize performance and productivity, as it is optimized for modern hardware and operating systems, bringing a fast and seamless browsing experience. The browser is lightweight and consumes fewer system resources compared to some mainstream browsers, and this can lead to further optimized performance, especially on less powerful machines. Pale Moon strives for solidity and accuracy, fixating on delivering a consistent browsing experience, as it undergoes an immense testing and quality assurance to reduce crashes and enhance overall stability. The browser also includes error reporting functionalities, granting users to give feedback and help the developers identify and resolve any issues. In addition, Pale Moon supports a broad range of Firefox add-ons, providing the user with the flexibility to enhance their browsing experience with extensions.

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