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# Change Log


Compiler - if you run compiler and not Catch program output is selected, compiler window won't be hidden

Code explorer - ESC closes Code explorer. Removed.

parameter Statusbar functions require DblClick instead of SingleClick (Program settings / Program 2) has influence of the top editor ruller behavior too.

ASCII chart - new button CP as editor - this buttons sets content of ASCII chart into same CP as current editor window. Note, that ASCII chart works with singlebyte encodings only, not with UTF-xxx


Code explorer fix after new regular expression library implementation

HEX editor copy/paste in text part

System integration into context menu for limited user

ASCII chart - Print button changes label when Coda page was changed

exception when bigger amount of files was closed one by one


PSPad devel contains the developer builds of the PSPad editor. Builds include changed files only.

Please install the latest full version first and replace existing files with content of developer build package.

Important: Please note that the files listed here should be used for testing purposes and not for daily use. If you're looking for the latest, stable version of PSPad, you can download it from here.

Note: The previous versions listed on of PSPad developer builds were moved here on this page. From now on you can download them from this page.

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