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# Change Log


Find in files dialog was changed from modal to normal. It allows let dialog open and edit files together

Favourite window contains new section - script. You can add script there by selecting from drop down list

User highlighter definition - added block comment for Autoit3 - #cs ... #ce

New PSPad command line parameter /F or /FR (as alternative -F or -FR) will start search on open file. /F for normal search, /FR for search with regular expressions. Syntax: pspad "path\file" /F "search expression"

PSPad remembers column with of Name, size and modified for File explorer and FTP

User friendly message when you try compare file with selected file from disk in case both files has different encoding

Insert text to lines - added "Apply" button, so you can use this function several times without leaving dialog


handled exception when several PSPad instances was closed at once and all instances write file state in same time

when PSpad was set as StayOnTop, Program settings appear behind the main window

Program Settings / KeyMap - problem drawing with scrollbar (only some group and languages)

if main PSPad window was maximized, minimized and open file from outside, PSPad wasn't restored as maximized

ASCII chart wasn't translated after language change

Python highlighter - search for matching bracket if bracket was in string

Highlighting URL in text doesn't respect two dots - something..html


PSPad devel contains the developer builds of the PSPad editor. Builds include changed files only.

Please install the latest full version first and replace existing files with content of developer build package.

Important: Please note that the files listed here should be used for testing purposes and not for daily use. If you're looking for the latest, stable version of PSPad, you can download it from here.

Note: The previous versions listed on of PSPad developer builds were moved here on this page. From now on you can download them from this page.

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