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# Change Log

## Changes since RC2

* Privacy Policy links are accessible to VI users.

## Changes and improvements since the previous version

* Windows version is now 64-bit

* Improved default spectrogram colors

* We now provide an official binary for Linux in the form of an AppImage

* Bugs fixing

Full details of new features in the visual guide to [New Features in 3.0.3](


Audacity devel page contains pre-release builds and other Audacity® files.

Important: These should not be used for production work. They are intended for testing purposes only. For the latest release version of Audacity®, please download from Audacity FossHub release page.

This page is maintained and authorized by Audacity team in association with FossHub. For more information about Audacity, please visit the Audacity website.

Bug reports: Please post feedback and bug reports relating to these builds to the Audacity forum.

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