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PDFsam or PDFsam Basic is a free, open source program that allows you to perform various PDF actions such as; merge, split, page rotation, mix, extract and more.

It is a great alternative for those who need to perform basic PDF actions. The basic version is available for Microsoft® Windows®, Mac® OS X®, Linux, platform independent portable zip archive, as a command line interface and as a cloud service that you can use as a web application to perform PDF tasks in the cloud.

Note: We list only the MSI installer version as the EXE version will ask if you would like to try the PDFsam Enhanced version which is, as the name suggests a more robust version of this software but you also need to buy it if you want to use it.

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PDFsam Basic Review

In the past, most people opened and worked with documents in Microsoft® Word®. Accordingly, computer users often had no choice but to own Word to access any documents. However, with the advent of PDF documents, fewer Internet users feel "locked" into using Word. Thanks to the growing popularity of PDF documents, compatibility is less of an issue because everyone can download Adobe® Acrobat Reader® DC and similar programs for free to access PDF documents.

While PDF documents and Adobe® Reader® have proven to be godsends for many people, there are still a few limitations of Adobe® Reader® that are holding many users back from fully embracing PDF documents. PDFsam not only addresses these limitations but does so in a convenient manner.

PDFsam Features

Adobe® Reader® allows users to access PDF documents for free but limits users from doing much else unless they cough up some cash. PDFsam features make the software an excellent and free alternative to Adobe® Reader®. This open-source software allows users to split, mix, merge, and rotate PDF documents without any hassle whatsoever. Without a doubt, PDFsam Basic will cover the vast majority of your needs when it comes to PDF documents. However, users who find PDFsam Basic too limited for their needs can always upgrade to PDFsam Enhanced.

What Does PDFsam Allow You to Do?

Of the features of PDFsam, the merge capability is probably the most used, and for good reason. The PDF Merge function allows users great versatility when it comes to PDF documents. For example, if users want to add a table of contents to the PDF document, they can do so using this feature. Users can use the PDF merge feature to use page range, outlines, and AcroForms to make adjustments to their PDF documents.

Sometimes, users want to send information to another person, but they don't want to send the entire PDF document. The entire PDF document may be too large to send in an email, or contain an excessive amount of unnecessary information for the recipient. The PDF split feature will allow you to split your PDF documents using predefined pages, by specified pages, by bookmarks, and by size.

The mix PDF feature is a unique feature of PDFsam Basic, not found in any similar free programs. The mix PDF feature allows users to combine two PDF documents by taking pages from each document alternatively in reverse or straight order. This feature is perfect if you have one document with even pages and another document with odd pages, and you want to combine the two to recreate the whole document.

Users can create PDF documents from scanned documents. Unfortunately, sometimes, this results in a PDF document that is rotated the wrong way. Users can rely on the rotate PDF feature to switch all of the pages of a PDF document or only individual pages.

Without a doubt, the PDFsam Basic software will fulfill PDF-related needs for most people. If you find that Adobe® Reader® simply doesn't cut it for you, as most people do, consider switching to PDFsam Basic for free.

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