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# Change Log

- This is the 10th year anniversary edition, officially released on the 10th year anniversary of PDFKeeper.

- Logo for PDFKeeper has been changed.

- Description of PDFKeeper has been changed to "Open Source PDF Document Management System".

- Added compatibility for Oracle Database 18c Express Edition and 19c.

- Flag Document feature has been added for setting the flag state on a selected document record and when PDF documents are uploaded as a way to mark for follow-up.

- Category feature has been added for setting or clearing the category on one or more selected document records.

- Manage Upload Folder Configurations form has replaced the Upload Folders and Upload Folder Configuration forms.

- Add PDF Documents form has been redesigned to allow adding more than one PDF document without leaving the form.

- Optimistic concurrency has been added to Document Notes editing for preventing data loss during a save operation.

- All SQL statements that accept parameters have been parameterized to address SQL Injection concerns flagged by Code Analysis.

- Oracle Data Provider for .NET, included in Oracle Data Access Components Runtime 19.3 is now required offering better performance and security.

- Oracle Database user password is now being passed securely when connecting to the database preventing exposure in a page file swap or crash dump.

- Fixed issue with PDFKeeper incorrectly detecting that an upgrade was performed from a prior version when no user settings exist from a prior version.

- Entire application source code has been refactored and reorganized.


PDFKeeper is a free, open source program designed for Oracle Database. It provides an "upload, index, and search solution for PDF documents".

Although, this software currently worh with Oracle Database (tested with Oracle Database Express Edition XE) other future releases might extend its support for other database management systems. You can request this, post an issue or a suggestion on its GitHub page available here.

Note: PDFKeeper requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher


- PDF docs are stored and indexed in a compatible, relational database and you can search them by: String, Author, Subject, Author and Subject, Date Added, and by querying all documents.

- upload PDF documents one by one or in bulk mode without using configured Upload folders.

- Document record functions include: PDF document viewing with the bundled or default viewer, Notes editing, Keywords viewing, PDF document Preview image viewing, and viewing of Text extracted from the PDF document.

- You can add "Notes" to document records, including a "Date and Time" stamp that includes the database user account name. "Notes" can be edited and they are indexed by the database, making the text searchable. Also, "Notes" can be saved to a text file, printed, and can be uploaded with a name matching PDF document.

- Text extracted from the PDF document can be printed and saved to a text file.

- You can export PDFs and their "Notes" from the database.

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