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# Change Log

Client Requirements


- Windows (64 bit) with .NET Framework 4.8 installed.

Any additional requirements will be referenced in the Help file that can be viewed post-install.

Compatible Database Management Systems


Oracle Database 19c (tested with version 19.3)

Oracle Database 18c Express Edition

Oracle Database 18c (tested with version 18.3)

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (tested with version

Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (no longer being tested)

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (no longer being tested)

Oracle Database 11g Express Edition (no longer being tested)

Setup instructions are available in the Help file that can be viewed post-install.

Upgrade Information


- Starting with version 6.0.0, PDFKeeper is now 64-bit. The latest 32-bit version of PDFKeeper is 5.0.3.

- Starting with version 4.0.0, PDFKeeper is installed per-user, requiring older, per-machine installs to be uninstalled manually.

- When upgrading from PDFKeeper 4.1.0 or earlier, the database schema will require an upgrade. Database Schema Upgrade instructions are available in the Help file that can be viewed post-install.

- When upgrading from PDFKeeper 4.x.x, the User name and Data source will need to be entered on the first login.

- Starting with PDFKeeper 6.0.0, 64-bit Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) Runtime 19.3 is required. Instructions are available in the Help file that can be viewed post-install.



- NullReferenceException at PDFKeeper.WindowsApplication.CommonViewPresenter.Dispose(Boolean disposing) that is being logged to PDFKeeper.log during application shutdown.

- Help topic not opening when F1 is pressed while Set Category dialog is open.

- Welcome Help Topic opening instead of "Configuring an Upload Folder" topic when F1 is pressed while Manage Upload Folder Configurations dialog is open after New or Edit is selected.

- Upload in progress status bar icon is being displayed when no PDF files need to be uploaded but other, unsupported file types exist in the Upload folder.

- UploadFolderErrorToolStripStatusLabel will remain visible on the status bar after all of the files that cannot be uploaded were removed from the Upload folder and will remain visible until the next upload cycle runs that uploads one or more PDF files.

- Wait cursor display delay when Select All or Deselect All is selected from the File menu.

- Progress bar on Main Form not updating properly during a lengthy Search Results operation (Delete, Export, or setting of a Category).

- "Failed to create restore point (Process = C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe /V; Description = Installed/Removed PDFKeeper; Error = 0x80042306)" is logged to Windows Application Event Log during an install and uninstall.

Other Changes


- Updated iTextSharp to

- Updated AutoUpdater.NET to 1.6.3

Additional Information


- Oracle Database 19c (19.3) requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64) - 12.0.30501 to be installed on the computer hosting the database.

Known Issues


- Annotations in a PDF document are not filtered by Oracle Database.

- Embedded fonts in a PDF document are not filtered correctly by Oracle Database.


PDFKeeper is a free, open source program designed for Oracle Database. It provides an "upload, index, and search solution for PDF documents".

Although, this software currently worh with Oracle Database (tested with Oracle Database Express Edition XE) other future releases might extend its support for other database management systems. You can request this, post an issue or a suggestion on its GitHub page available here.

Note: PDFKeeper requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher


- PDF docs are stored and indexed in a compatible, relational database and you can search them by: String, Author, Subject, Author and Subject, Date Added, and by querying all documents.

- upload PDF documents one by one or in bulk mode without using configured Upload folders.

- Document record functions include: PDF document viewing with the bundled or default viewer, Notes editing, Keywords viewing, PDF document Preview image viewing, and viewing of Text extracted from the PDF document.

- You can add "Notes" to document records, including a "Date and Time" stamp that includes the database user account name. "Notes" can be edited and they are indexed by the database, making the text searchable. Also, "Notes" can be saved to a text file, printed, and can be uploaded with a name matching PDF document.

- Text extracted from the PDF document can be printed and saved to a text file.

- You can export PDFs and their "Notes" from the database.

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