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# Change Log

### Client Requirements

* Windows 10 (64-bit) or higher with .NET Framework 4.8 installed.

* Any additional requirements will be referenced in the Help file that can be viewed post-install.

### Database Compatibility

* SQLite (included as a single-user database option)

#### Multi-User Database Management Systems

* Oracle Database 21c and 19c

* Oracle Database 21c and 18c Express Edition

* Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database 21c and 19c

Setup instructions are available in the Help file that can be viewed post-install.

### Upgrade Information

* When upgrading from PDFKeeper 8.1.0 or lower, if prompted for an admin account, select No and then right click on the Windows Start Menu, select Run, and then type: winget install pdfkeeper

* Starting with PDFKeeper 8.0.0, Windows 10 (64-bit) or higher is required.

* Starting with PDFKeeper 8.0.0, 64-bit Oracle Data Access Components 21.4 is required when connecting to Oracle Database. Instructions are available in the Help file that can be viewed post-install.

* Starting with PDFKeeper 8.0.0, the DisableQueryAllDocuments policy has been renamed to RemoveListAllDocuments.

* When upgrading from PDFKeeper 7.2.3 or lower, XML files in %APPDATA%\Robert F. Frasca\PDFKeeper\UploadConfig are upgraded and stored in %APPDATA%\Robert F. Frasca\PDFKeeper\UploadProfiles. The original XML files will remain for backwards compatibility and can be deleted if no longer needed.

* When upgrading from PDFKeeper 6.1.1 or lower, the database schema will require an upgrade. Database Schema Upgrade instructions are available in the Help file that can be viewed post-install.

### Changes

* Empty folders in UploadRejected will be deleted.

* Upload Folder Maintenance timer interval was set to 30 seconds.

* Updated iText and iText.Font-Asian to 7.2.5

* Updated SQLite Command Line Shell to 3.41.1

* Updated Magick.NET to 13.0.0

### Fixes

* Added missing ellipsis to Insert Text menu item text.

* Added missing ellipsis to Tools Update PDF Text Columns menu item text.

* Added missing ellipsis to Tools Move Database menu item text.

* iText.IO.Exceptions.IOException will be caught during Save in Add PDF dialog.

* iText.IO.Exceptions.IOException will be caught during an Upload, and then the offending PDF will be moved to the UploadRejected folder.

### Development Changes

* Created scripts to set version in all references.

* Updated Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.NetAnalyzers to 7.0.1

### Additional Information

* Oracle Database 19c (19.3) requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64) - 12.0.30501 to be installed on the computer hosting the database.

* By default, text will not be extracted from embedded images contained in a PDF.


PDFKeeper is free, open source software that provides a storage and management solution for PDF documents.

This software requires a relational database for document storage. It can be implemented for single user use with the builtin, local SQLite database or in a multi user, on-prem or cloud environment using a compatible database. Please note, future versions might extend support for other database management systems. You can request this by posting an issue on its GitHub page available here.

Note: PDFKeeper requires Windows 10 (64-bit) or higher with .NET Framework 4.8


- Store and manage PDF documents in a single-user or compatible, multi-user (on-prem or cloud) database where they’re indexed to provide full-text search functionality.

- Upload PDF documents individually or in bulk. In addition, Upload Profile folders can be setup to allow for integration and automation.

- Apply a category/tax year to selected documents and when PDF documents are uploaded.

- Set the flag state on a selected document and when PDF documents are uploaded to mark for follow-up.

- Add notes to a selected document that can include the date, time, and user account name. All notes can be edited and are indexed by the database.

- Find documents by Search Term, Selections (Author/Subject/Category/Tax Year), or Date Added. In addition, flagged documents or all documents can be listed.

- With PDFKeeper, the following functions can be performed on a selected document: PDF viewing with the bundled or default viewer; PDF bursting; flag document state management; notes viewing and editing; keywords, PDF preview, PDF text, and search term snippets (when applicable) are also displayed for viewing.

- Export selected PDF documents with their category, tax year, notes, and flag state from the database for easy importing.

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