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MuPDF is a free and open source framework written in C that delivers PDF, EPUB, and XPS formatting options for documents.

Its primary purpose is to transform document pages into bitmaps, but it also supports search functions and hyperlinking table of contents items. All these features together give you the ability to create vibrant and useful documents that can be shared easily.

The primary purpose of MuPDF was to create a program that does all of these essential functions in a package that is small, fast, and portable while still delivering high-quality documents with anti-aliased rendering. Since the latest update, the program offers support for form filling, JavaScript, transitions, and other interactive features.

MuPDF is ideal for anyone who works with large text and image documents that need to be shared. The smooth rendering makes the documents it creates easy to read and easy to search, duplicate, and corroborate.

Possibly the best thing about it is the high-quality image that it creates. It manages to breathe some of the life of the printed page into electronic documents. The rendered page is meant to have a look, and nearly, the feel of a real page held in hand. Anyone accustomed to dealing with physical documents and anyone with an abiding affection for the printed word will appreciate what MuPDF is capable of doing.

Most word processors will create PDFs, but it takes time to learn how to perform more complex functions. Also, the PDF features of other programs to not create vibrant and texture text images that make you want to spend time with a document.

This program will be especially attractive to anyone who writes and self-publishes long-form works of writing either for a specific audience or to be sold on Amazon as an ebook. MuPDF, may not be the last word in PDF rendering software, but it’s taking it in a fascinating direction.

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