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# Change Log


Extended support for PCM audio ('ipcm').

The analysis of the average bitrate of audio tracks has been removed. This will speed up the opening of some files.

Improved support for files with tracks with offset timestamps.

Changed the format of the output pins and the list of audio tracks in the player.

Fixed distortion of frame proportions when using the 'pasp' atom in some cases.


Fixed reading of metadata in some files.


Fixed MPEG Audio track detection.


Added support for Cue Sheet inside 'TXXX' tag.


Fixed work of the RealAudio decoder.

Removed compilation of x64 decoders. Decoders didn't work because there is no RealMedia library for x64.


Eliminated high load on the system with frequent navigation on H.264 and MPEG-2 videos when using the D3D11 decoder.

The MVC decoder information is now available through the IExFilterConfig interface.

Added support for "copy-back" mode for D3D11 decoder.

Added support for NVDEC decoder for NVIDIA video cards.

Added support for output in YUV444P16 format ('Y3[0][16]').

Fixed output format setting for some codecs.


Optimized auto volume control code.

Added audio processing with "compand" audio filter (included in FFmpeg).

Added dithering when outputting to Int16, if the sound was of higher bit depth before.


Fixed freezing at the end of playback in some cases.

Corrected sample format selection for WASAPI Shared mode when "Windows Sonic for Headphones" is active in Windows 10.

Reduced size of

Added dithering when outputting to Int16, if the sound was of higher bit depth before.

Added reset button.


EVR-CP and Sync Renderer no longer require d3dx9_43.dll to render statistics text.

Removed the ability to disable desktop composition (Aero) on Windows 7.

Uses more correct locking of D3DDevice from different threads for EVR-CP.


Texture size 2560x1600 changed to 2560x1440.


Improved retrieval of video metadata.

Added error output for videos with restrictions.

Added recognition of links like "".

For videos VP9 and AV1 with a frame size of 360p or less, select the lowest audio quality so that the audio bitrate is no more than the video bitrate.

Added sorting of formats when opening via youtube_dl.

Fixed slow playback of some links.

Subtitle support has been improved.

Added support for yt-dlp and other analogs of youtube-dl. In the settings you can specify the name of the executable file or the full path. Added search for an executable file in the system registry in the "App Paths" branches. Fixed search for an executable file in folders specified in the system PATH variable.


Reworked saving of many settings. The values of these settings will not be inherited when upgrading from older versions of the player.

The history of open files and URLs is now saved in the history.mpc_lst file. Added a window for viewing history.

Bookmarks are now saved in the favorites.mpc_lst file.

Statistics information is now updated after navigation when playback is paused.

Fixed DVD-Video playback with built-in filters.

Open file/URL dialog now automatically removes enclosing quotes from given paths.

Fixed shift and enlargement of the main window when hovering over the cover of the audio file displayed above the taskbar.

Added the command "Add to playlist from clipboard" (Ctrl+V).

Removed "Disable desktop effects (Aero)" option.

The ability to call the properties of the active video renderer in the "Video" settings panel during playback has been implemented.

Fixed working with Blu-ray playlists and chapters.

Added support for System Media Transport Controls.

The values of 33% and 67% for the option "After starting playback, fit window to screen" are now interpreted as 1/3 and 2/3.

Added visual separation of external and internal subtitles in the subtitle menu for VSFilter.

Fixed crash when outputting a scrollbar in exclusive mode with unknown duration.

Other minor fixes and internal optimizations.

MPCBEShellExt (explorer extension)

Improved operation for users with limited rights.

Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (by wushantao).

Updated German translation (by Klaus1189).

Updated Hungarian translation (by mickey).

Updated Dutch and Chinese (Traditional) translation (by beter).

Updated Turkish translation (by cmhrky).

Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translation (by Siegfried Janke).

Updated Japanese translation.

Updated Ukrainian translation (by arestarh1986).

Updated libraries:

dav1d git-0.9.2-69-g396122d;

Detours git-v4.0.1-96-g45a76a3;

ffmpeg git-n4.5-dev-2772-g6c45d34e50;

libflac git-1.3.3-85-gb358381a;

libpng git-v1.6.37-36-ga37d48365;

Little-CMS git-2.12-39-gc07b7e3;

MediaInfo git-v21.09-16-g6ce198a2;

nanosvg git-ccdb199;

rapidjson git-v1.1.0-665-g00dbcf2c;


MPC-BE (also known as Media Player Classic Black Edition) is a free, open source media player for Microsoft Windows OS.

MPC-BE evolved from MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema) which was a fork of Media Player Classic (MPC) a player that was very similar to the Windows Media Player. While MPC-BE may look similar to MPC-HC, you should note that MPC-HC project was abandoned in 2017. MPC-BE continued the development with its vision, features, and distinct improvements. If you're looking for an alternative to MPC-HC, try MPC-BE.

Note: MPC-BE is an excellent alternative to other free and commercial media players. If you like the project and encourage the development, please consider a donation to the team.


- you can play almost all video and audio files

- hardware decoding and deinterlacing support

- it can mount ISO images automatically

- useful video preview function similar to YouTube-style video previewing

- open audio, video, playlists, DVDs, file or URL from its interface

- highly customizable using "Options" area

- most subtitles will work well

- regularly updated media player

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