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# Change Log


Added support for DSD streams in WavPack (.wv) files.

Added support for MusePack 7/8.


Fixed playback of files with incorrect indexes.


Added definition of AC-4 audio streams to be ignored.

Added support for SMPTE 302M AES3 audio streams.

Improved 3D Blu-ray support.

Added information about MPEG-2 streams with separate fields in the output pin.


Added support for "AV1 Codec Configuration Box".

Added support for TSC2 codec (TechSmith Camtasia).

Fixed reading of parameters for some tracks in AAC format.

Expanded support for tracks in AC-3 format.

Added support for UtVideo.

Added additional language codes.

Fixed playing of some PCM tracks.


Added support for files with atypical block locations in the segment.

A language code has been added to the track language name if the initials of the code differ from the name.

Removed "Video N" label for named video tracks.

Fixed crash when opening files with HEVC video and empty CodecPrivate block.

Added support for "AV1 Codec Configuration Box".

Improved search for the desired block.


Added support for "AV1 Codec Configuration Box".

Changed the calculation of the number of threads for multithreaded decoding.

Fixed connection to Smart Tee Filter output.

Fixed the name of the "Deinterlacing" setting to "Scan Type".

Added support for UtVideo Pro with UQY0 code.

Fixed order of output formats for PNG48.

Improved DXVA decoder creation error handling.

Improved support for Motion-JPEG streams after webcams.

Fixed support for some older H.264 videos.

DXVA decoder is no longer used for MPEG-2 streams with separate fields on AMD video cards.


Fixed support for playback speed when applying delay.

Added check for supported output formats.


Added the ability to select a way to work with data "Event" or "Push".

Fixed initialization of Shared mode for Windows Sonic.

Added option "Don't fill channels when upmixing".


Added support for PostScale shaders for MPC Video Renderer.

Added support for "ps_4_0" (Direct3D11) shaders for MPC Video Renderer.

Fixed memory leaks when using Direct3D9.

Fixed bug with creating EVR-CP when using Flip/FlipEx mode when the main window is minimized.

Removed special priority YV12 over NV12 for Intel graphics cards.

Added support for "lessRedraws" command for MPC Video Renderer.

Added the ability to get the displayed image for MPC Video Renderer.

Fixed resetting the frame state on pause for the case of rotation by 180 degrees and frame reflection.

Fixed frame rotation on pause for madVR.

Disabled support for exclusive full screen for SyncRenderer.

Fixed work of menus and commands for active video renderer.


Improved support for Teletext subtitles.

Added basic support for TTML (Timed Text Markup Language) subtitles.

Fixed missing subtitles when setting a delay and using XySubFilter.


Updated Youtube support.

Expanded support for streams in the AV1 format.

The player no longer uses the Google API.

Added the ability to open some pages like and as a playlist.

Added selection of possible formats when the video is opened with youtube-dl.

Added support for chapters.

Added the ability to open a Youtube playlist when pasting from the clipboard.

Fixed loading of some playlists.

Added information about the duration of the playlist items.


Added the command "Copy Image to Clipboard".

Fixed saving image with some subtitles.

PnS maximum scale increased from 3x to 5x.

Fixed moving when scaling.

Frame shift is limited to 0.1..0.9 range so that the frame does not disappear from view at all.

Fixed auto-hide cursor when moving from one file to another.

Added the ability to manually associate the .avs (AviSynth script) and .vpy (VapourSynth script) extensions.

Fixed opening DVD-Video from the command line.

Various shader changes in the Shaders folder.

Added shaders "ps_4_0" (Direct3D11) to the Shaders11 folder.

Added support for DX11 shaders in the "Shader Combiner" window.

Minor changes to the Web interface.

Returned the ability to rename items in the playlist.

Removed the limitation of adding dubbing only for local files.

Fixed work of the playlist with the "Shuffle" setting.

The "Shuffle" setting is now available for the "Explorer" playlist.

Optimized control panel and logo rendering.

System registration of a file extension filter now has no special priority over system registration of a filter by signature (check bytes).

Improved player control when playlist is active.

Added filtering of the list of hotkeys.

Added setting "Do not reset speed for session".

Fixed issues when switching between playlists.

When the player crashes, a .stacktrace.txt file will be created in addition to MiniDump.

Fixed window size after exiting full screen mode on monitors with different DPI.

The "Remember playlist" setting now works only for the main playlist and has been renamed to "Remember main playlist".

Fixed sorting in the subtitle download dialog, now according to "Default track preference".

Fixed incorrect display of control panel tips over video in some situations.

Fixed incorrect handling of pressing the left mouse button in the main window in some situations.

Added the ability to enable displaying milliseconds in the status bar during the session.

Fixed rendering of the playlist.

Pressing the "Alt + Key" key combination in the playlist is now transferred to the main window.

Fixed URL opening inside M3U files.

Fixed opening too long URLs (more than 2000 characters).

Increased the width of the thumbnail image to 5120.

Improved MPC Video Renderer support.

Fixed opening of some types of local playlists.

Added support for MBSE MultiChannel ASIO Renderer.

The specified delay is applied when saving and copying subtitles to the clipboard.

Morgan Stream Switcher and RatDVD are no longer supported.

Added the ability to disable the display of the current frame in the Web interface.

Fixed debugging of external filters with the release version of the player.

Fixed the skipback and skipforward commands in the WEB interface.

Removed unwanted dark frames on some system menus when using the dark menu in the player.

Added support for pasting files and folders from the clipboard that were copied in Explorer.

The limit for MPCPL playlists has been increased to 10 MB.

Changed the way of setting the priority of tracks. Added support for quotes, "+" for multiple matches, and negation for Default and Forced.

MPCBEShellExt (explorer extension)

Added support for IDropTarget interface.

Updated German translation (by Klaus1189).

Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (by wushantao).

Updated Turkish translation (by cmhrky).

Updated Chinese (Traditional) and Dutch translation (by beter).

Updated Ukrainian translation (by arestarh1986).

Updated Hungarian translation (by mickey).

Updated Greek translation (by George).

Updated Japanese translation.

Updated libraries:

dav1d git-0.7.1-14-g5fe20ec;

ffmpeg git-n4.4-dev-607-g1ead176d87;

libflac git-1.3.3-62-gce6dd6b5;

libogg git-v1.3.4-13-g0bbcba4;

libpng git-v1.6.37-16-g6dd99ca9c;

Little-CMS git-2.11-12-g29b0d79;

MediaInfo git-v20.08-g84d951c0;

rapidjson git-v1.1.0-549-g8f4c021f;

ZenLib git-v0.4.38-13-g54d2f0d;


MPC-BE (also known as Media Player Classic Black Edition) is a free, open source media player for Microsoft Windows OS.

MPC-BE evolved from MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema) which was a fork of Media Player Classic (MPC) a player that was very similar to the Windows Media Player. While MPC-BE may look similar to MPC-HC, you should note that MPC-HC project was abandoned in 2017. MPC-BE continued the development with its vision, features, and distinct improvements. If you're looking for an alternative to MPC-HC, try MPC-BE.

Note: MPC-BE is an excellent alternative to other free and commercial media players. If you like the project and encourage the development, please consider a donation to the team.


- you can play almost all video and audio files

- hardware decoding and deinterlacing support

- it can mount ISO images automatically

- useful video preview function similar to YouTube-style video previewing

- open audio, video, playlists, DVDs, file or URL from its interface

- highly customizable using "Options" area

- most subtitles will work well

- regularly updated media player

Found this software useful? Please consider a donation to the author.