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# Change Log

VSFilter is excluded from the project.


Added support for 'MPNG' (PNG) codec.


Added support for 'MPNG' (PNG) codec.

Added support for SpeedHQ codec.

Added support for shifting tracks in time using the 'elst' atom.

Added the ability to get a list of keyframes from the 'sbgp' atom.


Added support for 'MPNG' (PNG) codec.


Improved AV1 multi-threaded decoding with dav1d library.

Improved Apple ProRes support ('ap4h', 'ap4x').

Added support for SpeedHQ codec.

Added support for hardware decoding using Direct3D 11.

Added support for AV1 hardware decoding.

Added support for switching video streams of different formats, taking into account the presence or absence of hardware decoding.

Improved support for MPEG-2 4:2:0.

Fixed color distortion of VideoTransferMatrix BT2020 for EVR on Intel Iris Xe.

Video renderers

Improved display mode switching for interlaced files when using MPC Video Renderer.


Added support for MEDIASUBTYPE_WEBVTT.


Added caching of signature decoding functions.

Added ability to select "MP4-AV1" format as preferred format.

Added support for AV1 10-bit HDR.

Improved support for getting a list of chapters.


Some parameters of the standard subtitle style can now be set to non-integer values.

Fixed display of volume control in dark theme when using mouse.

Added error message when opening DVD / Blu-ray folder in the status bar.

Fixed X-mouse buttons working in full screen mode.

Fixed display of the '&' symbol in the playlist.

Added time display on scroll bar in exclusive full screen.

Fixed display of the '&' symbol in the playlist.

Added time display on seek bar in exclusive full screen.

Improved player in an exclusive full screen MPC VR and madVR.

Added the ability to open a file from the playlist in the explorer.

Added display of tooltip for GPU icon.

Added a button to call the properties window of some video renderers.

Expanded functionality to add similar files.

Various improvements in the player interface.


Removing the player no longer removes the external filter settings.

Updated Japanese translation.

Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translation (by Siegfried Janke).

Updated German translation (by Klaus1189).

Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (by wushantao).

Updated Hungarian translation (by mickey).

Updated Turkish translation (by cmhrky).

Updated Chinese (Traditional) and Dutch translation (by beter).

Updated libraries:

dav1d git-0.8.2-0-gf06148e;

Detours git-v4.0.1-87-g827b896;

ffmpeg git-n4.4-dev-3576-gab5803553b;

libflac git-1.3.3-70-g27c61570;

Little-CMS git-2.12-1-gab54114;

MediaInfo git-v20.09-125-gfb708c13;

openjpeg git-v2.4.0-16-g0bda7188;

rapidjson git-v1.1.0-588-g13dfc96c;

ZenLib git-v0.4.38-37-gd0c6f5b;


MPC-BE (also known as Media Player Classic Black Edition) is a free, open source media player for Microsoft Windows OS.

MPC-BE evolved from MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema) which was a fork of Media Player Classic (MPC) a player that was very similar to the Windows Media Player. While MPC-BE may look similar to MPC-HC, you should note that MPC-HC project was abandoned in 2017. MPC-BE continued the development with its vision, features, and distinct improvements. If you're looking for an alternative to MPC-HC, try MPC-BE.

Note: MPC-BE is an excellent alternative to other free and commercial media players. If you like the project and encourage the development, please consider a donation to the team.


- you can play almost all video and audio files

- hardware decoding and deinterlacing support

- it can mount ISO images automatically

- useful video preview function similar to YouTube-style video previewing

- open audio, video, playlists, DVDs, file or URL from its interface

- highly customizable using "Options" area

- most subtitles will work well

- regularly updated media player

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