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# Change Log

[+] Added support for DSD streams in WavPack files (.wv).

[+] Added support for MusePack 7/8.

[=] Enhanced support on streams in format AC-3.

[+] Added support for codec TSC2 (TechSmith Camtasia).

[+] Added support for AV1.

[+] Added support for VP8 и VP9.

[+] Added new mediatypes to support DV Video.

[+] Added support for 'b48r' video.

[+] Added support for Xunlei XV files.

[+] Added support for mixed streams H.264 3D MVC.

[+] Enhanced support on video in format H.264.

[+] Added support for videocodec 'r210' in files MOV.

[+] Added Full support for DAV (DHAV) files.

[+] Added support for codec AVrp (Avid 1:1 10-bit RGB Packer).

[=] Fixed incorrect name on audio streams in some cases

[+] Added support for DST streams (Digital Stream Transfer).

[+] Added support for Teletext subtitles.

[=] Improved built-in codecs. Updated following libraries: dav1d, ffmpeg, libflac, libpng, MediaInfo, ZenLib.

[=] Fixed file associations with Light Alloy.

[=] Improved functionality of saving and transferring program settings.


Light Alloy is a free, highly customizable multimedia player for Windows®. It was optimized to start as fast as possible and pre-tuned for minimum system resource usage.

Besides of his support for all popular multimedia formats, it also has its advanced settings such as:

- fast video rewind, load subtitles, bookmarks in the list or timeline, preview window on the timeline

- selection of audio tracks and subtitles in multilingual films, minimize to tray, infrared remote control

- adjust the brightness/contrast/saturation of the image, supports multimedia keyboards and has full support for DVD/Blu-ray (except for BD menus) and MKV/OGM/MP4 formats. 

It has an extensive list of features; those are just a few of them:

- built-in video/audio codecs (although you can choose to use other system codecs and you can configure audio and video filters)

- custom codecs, full support for subtitles

- WinLIRC support (remote control), configurable playback speed, aspect ratio alignment, make and save screenshots (including WebP/WebP-LL formats)

- independent video settings for each file (brightness, contrast, saturation, subtitle, volume) keep current playing position and resume later, etc.

You can find the entire list of its features on Light Alloy homepage.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Light Alloy Review

I can't remember the first multimedia player that I used and that because it happened more than a decade ago. Ever since I've been testing all kind of popular media players, and most likely I won't stop soon. If you ever get disappointed by your current media player and by chance you land on this page, I have another popular suggestion: Light Alloy player. It was developed initially by a Russian company named "Softella, " and it wasn't free. You had to buy it, however, starting with version 4.2 the project continued as a freeware application under a new development team lead by Mr. Dmitry "Vortex" Koteroff.

I tested both versions: installer and portable under Windows® 10 and the program worked for me exactly as it was advertised on his homepage. Compact, easy to use and with a clean interface is not just a few words that I use, that's what I found at the currently reviewed version.

This player has its built-in codecs that allow you to view any popular video format as soon as you finish the setup process (it's the same thing with the portable version). It has plenty of features, and you can customize it in any way you want. It is a highly customizable player in many ways, without being limited to its collection of skins.

There are plenty of features such as:

- timeline (view how much time left/passed from the video file you are watching), WinLIRC (remotely control the player from your couch)

- live preview, watch online videos from directly in Light Alloy (press "Ctrl+U," enter the URL and hit "OK")

- Internet radio (listen, record, add them to favorites), tracker music support for XM, IT, S3M, MOD, etc.

Light Alloy media player is continuously improved, and the list of features will likely grow over time so that I will jump to my conclusion: clean, comfortable and intuitive. It's a complete application for anyone interested in a reliable multimedia player. Like I said, it worked flawless for me, and I might keep it for an indefinite period so, go ahead and try it for yourself.

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