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# Change Log

- Added dedicated context menu for custom string fields in the entry dialog, which provides the following new commands: 'Copy Name(s)', 'Copy Value(s)', 'Copy Item(s)', 'Paste Item(s)', 'Select All' and 'Move To'.

- Added button 'More' to the right of the custom string fields list in the entry dialog, which shows the context menu.

- Added dedicated context menu for auto-type associations in the entry dialog, which provides the following new commands: 'Copy Target Window(s)', 'Copy Sequence(s)', 'Copy Item(s)', 'Paste Item(s)', 'Duplicate Item(s)' and 'Select All'.

- Added button 'More' to the right of the auto-type associations list in the entry dialog, which shows the context menu.

- Added optional 'Auto-Type - Enabled' main entry list column (turned off by default, can be turned on in 'View' → 'Configure Columns').

- Added optional 'Auto-Type - Sequences' main entry list column (turned off by default, can be turned on in 'View' → 'Configure Columns').

- Added support for importing Keeper 16.0.0 JSON files.

- Added option 'Show confirmation dialog when opening a database file whose minor format version is unknown' (in 'Tools' → 'Options' → tab 'Interface', turned on by default).

- Added tooltips for some controls.

- Dialog banners can now be read by screen readers (if the option 'Optimize for screen reader' is turned on).

- Added accessibility names for some controls (text boxes after check boxes, image/color buttons, warning icons, ...; if the option 'Optimize for screen reader' is turned on).

- Controls in the accessibility/automation control tree are now ordered by their visual locations (if the option 'Optimize for screen reader' is turned on).

- Added automatic screen reader detection based on the operating system's screen reader parameter (this does not make the option 'Optimize for screen reader' obsolete though, because not all screen readers set the parameter).

- Various accessibility enhancements (when running on .NET 4.7.1 or higher).

- Added UIFlags bit for not clearing the quick search terms list when closing/locking a database.

- Added UIFlags bit for enabling the Input Method Editor (IME) on secure desktops.

- Added customization option to override the URL that is opened for a help page.

- In most list views, tooltips are now displayed for a longer time.

- The entry string move commands can now move multiple strings at once.

- Removed the entry string button 'Move' in the entry dialog (the move commands are available in the context menu).

- Reordered fields/columns in the entry details view and in the 'Configure Columns' dialog for improved consistency with the entry dialog.

- When running on .NET 4.7 or higher, rich text boxes now instantiate Rich Edit 4.1 (or higher) controls, which support various new features (e.g. Tamil characters are now displayed correctly even when the 'Latha' font is not installed).

- Improved linkification in the entry details view of the main window (URLs, attachments, ...) and in the internal data viewer (URLs).

- URLs in the hex view of the internal data viewer are not linkified anymore.

- Improved tab order in various dialogs.

- Improved accessibility control name provision.

- Improved temporary file/directory deletion performance.

- Improved hashing of protected binaries, UUIDs, popular passwords, images, ...

- Improved quality of some icons.

- In the HTML export/printing dialog, the option 'Group name' is now disabled when group names are unavailable.

- Reduced space between tables and group headings in HTML exports/printouts.

- In the help source selection dialog, controls are now disabled if a help source is enforced (by an enforced configuration file) or if a help URL override is specified.

- Improved keyboard shortcut check.

- TrlUtil: improved string table handling.

- Various CHM file improvements.

- Upgraded installer.

- Various UI text improvements.

- Various code optimizations.

- Minor other improvements.

- The save confirmation dialog of the entry dialog does not create unnecessary history entries anymore.

- The tags button drop-down menu in the entry/group dialogs now uses the correct font.

- TrlUtil: fixed a string table association bug.


KeePass is a free open source password manager that allows you to manage and store passwords in a secure way. This program allows you to put one or more passwords in one database.

Protection of database is assured by a master key or a key file. You will need to remember one single password or select the key file to unlock the entire database. It offers many features, for example, KeePass supports the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) and the Twofish algorithms to encrypt its password databases. KeePass is easy enough for a beginner and it is at the same time a complex application that can satisfy even a computer expert.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

KeePass Review

I could write entire pages about KeePass and it would be probably not enough. To be honest, you can find tons of information's even the program homepage comes with excellent resources and support. However I think I can mention here the most important aspects of this program. It's free, "open-source", "lightweight" and "easy-to-use" which is more than enough. I mean, when you want the best password manager you can expect to be shareware, that means that you need to pay for a full license. KeePass is another proof that "best things in life are free".

I tested this application on a computer running Windows® 7. It took me several minutes to understand the basic features and usage. The program works excellent on Windows®. As an advice, make sure to remember the "master password" which is going to let you access the entire database.

TIP: Do not create a single password for all of your accounts. If you have one password that you're using it at your email account, bank account, computer login or others you can be in great danger. Supposing that you are a phishing victim, if the bad person is going to access all your accounts with one password you can realize that this is a bad thing.

This is where KeePass will surpass your ability to remember long and complicated passwords and it will become your best friend. As a conclusion, this is "probably" the best, free password manager.

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