IObit Unlocker

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Jul 7, 2023 Last updated



IObit Unlocker is a highly-functional and efficient software designed to assist users to unlock and remove stubborn files or folders that are being utilized by other applications or processes.

Its main function is to unlock and remove files or folders that are otherwise difficult to delete. The software permits users to unlock files that are in use by other programs, preventing the "File in Use" error message that usually occurs when attempting to delete or modify such files. With IObit Unlocker, users can forcefully terminate the processes or applications that are locking the files, enabling the deletion or modification of those files.

IObit Unlocker provides the capability to unlock or delete multiple files or folders simultaneously. Users can pick several items and apply the unlocking or removal process in a single operation. This functionality improves productivity and efficiency, specifically when dealing with a large number of locked files or folders.

Furthermore, IObit Unlocker permits users to force the renaming of files or folders. This is specifically handy when encountering files with long names or containing special characters that hinder them from being renamed through standard methods. The tool offers a straightforward and efficient way to rename these files or folders, bypassing any restrictions imposed by the OS.

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