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GFS-view is a free, open-source program that allows you to download and access the instant weather forecast data from NCEP (National Centers for Environmental Prediction).

GFS-view enables you to download multiple data at once by a variable time step and combinations of grib code-level-heights tags, by several days, numerous numerical models run times, and many forecast times. You can filter data on the server to save bandwidth and disk space, etc. The program is currently available as an MSI installer.

Important: Please make sure to read the "Quick start guide" as you will need to provide an email address in the "Sign In" dialog. 

Note: The software requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2015, so if you don't have it installed, you will need to download and install it.


- grab files from NCEP (National Centers for Environmental Prediction)

- choose data by parameters according to the GRIB2 filer tool.

- load weather forecast data from local grib files

- load shape-file maps and overlay on sequence weather maps that you just loaded.

- generate and show a weather forecast map for a specific grib code, level, and height

- choose a region of interest by specifying a city as a regional center.

- type longitude-latitude and region size for a center point or from Open Street Map view.

- custom the map by choosing ramp color table, font, size, etc.

- zoom-in and scroll the map and vector overlays for more details.

- navigate and automatically open gib code-level planes for a date-time-forecast slot.

- save the open file names and the other settings in the program INI file that will be used next time.

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