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FreeMind is a free, open source mind-mapping and high productivity program written in Java. It has an extensive set of features allowing you to use this tool for different tasks and activities whenever you need to edit a hierarchical set of ideas around a central concept.

It is a powerful, cross-platform mind mapping application licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Note: You will need Java Runtime Environment installed on your machine to be able to run this tool.


FreeMind Review

FreeMind is a mind-mapping utility written in Java, meant to be a high productivity tool. Want to write an epic sci-fi novel, create a series of self-help books, or create a new religion from scratch? FreeMind might be the thing for you. Adept users can refactor essays the same way software devs refactor code. Or maybe you’d prefer to curate a personal knowledge base simply, as a personal encyclopedia of your research and insights that’s much easier to manage than a pulpy notebook.

What FreeMind Can Do

- Keep track of projects, subtasks, subtask states, and time recording

- Project workplace links to files, executables, and information sourcing

- Workplace for online research with Google and other sources

- Keep a collection of expandable notes with links

- Essay writing, brainstorming, with an array of status trackers

- Database curating

- Comment enriched Internet favorites and bookmarks, with multiple highlighting and style options

FreeMind Features

- Fully functional HTML tracking

- Supports folding- its essential property

- Fast one-click navigation, folding/unfolding on a single click

- Large undo memory

- Smart Drag and Drop, including nodes copying, dragging and dropping off several selected nodes; dropping texts and list of files from without

- Nimble copying and pasting, including links from HTML or organizing pasted content based on the number of leading spaces

- Smart copying and pasting from many different productivity and email programs

- Export of map to HTML, with folding

- Facility finds where the found items will be shown individually as you cycle through "find next", and the maps are unfolded for only the current item

- The ability to use and edit lengthy multiline nodes; even within new lines

- The option to decorate your nodes with various built-in icons, colors, and fonts

- Low exposure to the risk of switching away to other mind mapping tools. This is possible because FreeMind stores your maps in an XML format. If you have an extensive collection of maps made in FreeMind, and you want to switch over to another program, writing a conversion script should be easy. This is particularly true if that program has a Visual Basic scripting facility.

FreeMind will run on just about any system you like. It’s won awards for its flexibility, its features and performance. It's a muscular mind mapping tool, with complex diagrams, branches, and icons to distinguish and interconnect your notes- connect them, and embed links to your maps for fast referencing. FreeMind can export maps into many different formats. Compared to most of the newer similar tools it looks a bit old- but it's still useful, especially if you’re interested in function, and not just beautiful graphics.

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