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Fort is a free file encryption and password manager for Microsoft Windows OS. You can use it to protect important files using a simple but easy to use interface.

It also offers an easy to use the option to encrypt data in Dropbox, Onedrive and other services.

IMPORTANT: Fort project is no longer developed, and per project manager request, this project will be removed from FossHub

Note: The free version has a limited set of features. There is a paid version that allows you to use all the program features. You can see the main differences between the free and paid version here.


Available in free version

- AES with 256-bit

- keylogger protection (on-screen keyboard support)

- offline app (no Internet Connection required)

- directory encryption support

- integrated and easy to use a password manager

- encrypt and decrypt fast and easy

Available in professional (paid) version

- 4096-bit key files

- encrypt filenames

- remember the location of your key file

- encrypt more than 15 files

- secure file deletion (shredding - e.g., Gutmann method)

- Windows Explorer integration

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