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CrococryptFile is a small but powerful, open source file encryption tool. It can be used to create encrypted archives that contain sensitive data from your files or folders.

It will also include metadata such as file names, time or data, and file size information. You can choose between multiple encryption types: password based (which uses Camellia-256, Serpent-256, Twofish-256, AES-256), public key based (such as Windows CAPI, GPG/OpenPGP) or cloaked password based encryption (AES-Twofish-256), cloaked and output padding (multiple files).

Note: For Microsoft® Windows®, there are two versions: standard installer (only the installer version provides the Explorer integration feature) or Application Installer or Application Zip only which requires Java 1.7++ to function properly.

Linux users: Call the script "croco" after you extracted the archive. There are no guarantees for the Mac version as this was not tested properly at the time we uploaded the latest version.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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CrococryptFile Review

CrococryptFile has a snazzy name but a fairly plain purpose. This free software encrypts files and folders. The encryption is all-encompassing, ranging from the names of files to file size and even file times and dates. Download CrococryptFile, encrypt your data and it will be completely disguised in every facet. The program can even encrypt archives of files to boot. CrococryptFile is designed for Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, Windows® XP and Windows® Vista. It takes up a mere 28.6 MB worth of space on your computer's hard drive.


Think of this program as software that provides encryption features similar to how ZIP utilities make use of ZIP AES encryption. The two are similar in most facets. CrococryptFile is unique in that it encrypts all folder and file information down to the very last descriptive detail. It also conceals information within archive content as data/meta data are integrated with one massive file alteration. All CrococryptFile archives are labeled with the .croco extension.


This software makes use of cutting edge password-based encryption using AES-256 and following PBKDF2. The Windows® Keystore encryption is made possible with AES-256 as well as RSA keys. GPG/Open PGP encryption is key based and also attributable to AES-256. Certificates are in play as well. It is worth noting that this software is “open source”, meaning it is possible that it will be altered and improved across posterity by the community of open source programmers across the world.


The user interface is Java Swing and web-based. CrococryptFile's interface is also classified as “commandline”. It can be used without the support of a graphical user interface, also known as “GUI”. The program's API / commandline interface is even capable of operating in applications and on servers.

Who is CrococryptFile Geared Toward?

The program is available in English as well as German. It is designed for operators who are familiar with the intricacies of computers. These individuals are often called “advanced end users”. Many security professionals will obtain extensive utility out of this program.


Make use of the Windows®-Setup and CrococryptFile will be fully integrated into the context menu of Windows® Explorer. It is possible for user to select numerous directories and files at once through the context menu option. If you find that you have no use for CrococryptFile after downloading it, you won't be stuck with this software for years on end. It comes with a handy uninstaller so you can remove it from your computer in mere minutes.

The Web Version of CrococryptFile: WebDecrypt (Available here - scroll down to "WebDecrypt" section.)

CrococryptFile's decryption mechanisms are available in a web version known as WebDecrypt. It is sometimes referred to as "WebDecryptor". This encryptor can't cache files, does not have any databases and will not serve as a platform for file exchanging. It is simply an Internet-based decryption app that runs on "Google App Engine" to replicate the basic functions of CrococryptFile. Most use WebDecrypt to transfer encrypted archives to colleagues, classmates and friends. The app serves as a simple means of decrypting encrypted data over the web.


If you are looking for a free program that encrypts files, folders and archives without a bunch of distracting bells and whistles, CrococryptFile is for you. Give CrococryptFile a download and you will likely find its interface to be fairly intuitive. CrococryptFile does what it sets out to do quite well: encrypt all aspects of files and folders in a secure manner that maintains user privacy.

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