Epic Privacy Browser

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Jun 22, 2023 Last updated



Epic Privacy Browser is a privacy-centric web browser that prioritizes user anonymity and security.

The software is specifically engineered to prioritize user privacy, as it blocks various tracking scripts, ads, and other web trackers by default, which aids to secure your online activities and prevent advertisers from collecting your browsing data. It also automatically deletes your browsing history, cookies, and cache when you exit the browser, ensuring that no traces of your online activities are left behind. Epic Privacy Browser incorporates a tight search engine that protects your search queries from being tracked or recorded. It uses a built-in proxy to route your search queries, guaranteeing that your search activities stay secured and this feature helps to prevent search engines from collecting your personal information and serving you targeted ads based on your search history. To protect users from potentially harmful websites, Epic Privacy Browser actively scans websites for malware and phishing attempts. If the user encounters a suspicious or malicious website, the browser will alert them and block access to the site, ensuring a more private and secured browsing experience.

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