Display Driver Uninstaller

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Jun 12, 2023 Last updated



Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) is a great software utility designed to completely uninstall and remove graphics drivers from your computer system.

Display drivers play a major role in ensuring optimal performance and compatibility between your operating system and your graphics hardware. However, there are times when conflicts, glitches, or outdated drivers can cause issues such as system crashes, graphical glitches, or poor performance. This is where Display Driver Uninstaller comes in handy. Display Driver Uninstaller removes all traces of your existing graphics drivers, including NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel drivers, from your system. It goes beyond the regular uninstallation process and ensures a clean removal, eliminating any leftover files, registry entries, or settings associated with the driver. By completely removing the existing driver, DDU provides a clean slate for installing newer or alternative drivers. The software also offers the option to create a system restore point before proceeding with the driver removal process. This feature acts as a failsafe, allowing you to revert back to the previous driver configuration if any issues arise during or after the removal process.

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