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Defraggler is am impressive disk defragmentation software that offers systematic defragmentation and optimization of both hard drives and SSDs.

It is designed to aid in optimizing the performance of your hard drives by rearranging fragmented data, as it scans your drives and identifies fragmented files and folders, allowing you to defragment them to improve file access speed and overall system performance. The software provides both quick defragmentation for selected files/folders and a comprehensive defragmentation option for the entire drive. It also offers granular control over the defragmentation process, where you can choose to defragment specific files or folders instead of defragmenting the entire drive. This is comes handy when you want to prioritize critical files or folders that impact system performance. Furthermore, Defraggler produces a range of customizable settings to fine-tune the defragmentation process. The user can choose to exclude specific files, folders, or file types from defragmentation, set defragmentation schedules, and configure automatic shutdown options after defragmentation completes.

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