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CrystalDiskInfo is a utility program that informs you about how your hard disk is performing based on its hardware performance, specifically.

It can even let you know how probable a failure to function correctly is for the hard drive that you own.

CrystalDiskInfo does this by utilizing the SMART system, a program which is part of many hard disks that support current systems. It informs you about various performance details like the current temperature of the drive, the amount of time the drive has been used for this session, and the amount of failed attempts to read or write programs.

CrystalDiskInfo will also inform you when different factors reach or come close to reaching various thresholds which can be dangerous.

Once this happens, CrystalDiskInfo will recommend making backups before these limits are reached. Typically, when a hard disk begins to fail, its performance will rapidly decline. A dramatic increase in failure rates means that it is essential to presume your hard disk is beyond repair.

CrystalDiskInfo has the advantage of a direct interface, so it displays the data it can get from all of the drives you possess. Not every drive provides CrystalDiskInfo with the same information, however.

This is due to the simple fact that different drives utilize SMART in a variety of ways. There is a lack of a variety of choices for settings, options, or an in-depth examination of your hard drive. CrystalDiskInfo also does not explain what the values it provides mean, though some are obvious, like temperature.

Others are likely to escape the knowledge of many people who use computers. However, given the fact that the program is free, it is probably worth getting since it informs you of when your hard disk starts to stop working. It should be noted that while the information CrystalDiskInfo provides is valuable, regularly backing up your data is still a good idea.

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