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CrococryptMirror is a free, portable encryption tool. It can perform various encryption tasks such as the synchronization of files or folders to encrypted folders, encrypt filenames, mirror your folders on an external USD drive or a cloud backup and more.

CrococryptMirror Review

How CrococryptMirror Works

This program works by mirroring folders that you want to encrypt into an encoded digital enclosure. This digital enclosure is impossible to decrypt except by using the software's included tool. As you might expect, this tool is password protected. Not only can you encrypt folders and data to the point where they are nearly impossible to break down, but you can also hide these files from non-authorized personnel.

Obviously, encryption is the primary function of this program. However, it is certainly not the only thing that the program can do. It also has a powerful, fast, and convenient zip compression tool.

How Files Can Be Mirrored

The actual mirroring process can be done manually, on file by file basis. This will require you to mirror the file every time you make any changes to it, as well. However, there is also an included sync service which will automatically detect changes to the file and save and encrypt these without you having to do anything manually.

The Specs On the Encryption Algorithms

If you are familiar with encryption and you want to hear about the specs of this program to ensure they're up to snuff, you will likely not be disappointed. The software uses both Twofish and AES algorithms. These are both 256-bit cascading algorithms, which makes them very difficult to break. The key file is password secured, and the password encryption uses PKCS #5 with a SHA512 /Whirlpool HMAC. If you are not mainly technical and you do not know what these specs mean, that's okay. Rest assured that this program is efficient for encryption. This program is an excellent option for people looking for an ergonomic encryption option.


If you are looking for a free, powerful but still relatively easy to use encryption tool, CrococryptMirror may be the answer. Many encryption tools, especially full-featured programs that provide an advanced level of encryption, are complicated to use. CrococryptMirror is the exception to this rule. It allows you to encrypt private and vital directories with relative ease.

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