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Create Synchronicity

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Create Synchronicity is a small software that allows you to back up your files. You can back up different data: music, pictures, documents, directly to a USB Stick, external hard drive or to a different computer from your network.

It's configurable, easy to use and allows you to perform scheduled backups. It is a free, open-source software created for Windows® users. You can use this application in many languages, and if you need to, you can download and use a portable version.

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Create Synchronicity Review

I can't remember another similar application that has less than 1 MB, and it's so easy to use. A portable version is available if you do not wish to install the app. The installation will take 2 seconds, and you need less than a minute to set up a backup. All you have to do is to launch Create Synchronicity, click on "New Profile," rename it and a new window will open. From settings window you can select what to save and where do you want to back up your files. Sure, you can also customize scheduling alternatives to set up an automated backup. It's easy as 1, 2, 3 for beginners.

If you're an expert, you should also smile as you have a couple of advanced features to use. Automatic translation of environment variables, support for UNC and relative paths, loose timing, exclusion using regular expressions, look-backward date filters, queue groups or multiple profiles. You can even create logs, integrity check, gzip, bzip2 file compression, pre-post -sync hook scripts, comparisons and many other features. If you need a lightweight, portable, sturdy, smooth, free backup and synchronization software - this is it.

I don't think you will be able to find a better alternative. I tested this utility on Windows® XP and 7. You don't have to install .NET or Java – a significant advantage over other similar tools. There are two different files: zip file - you don't need to install the application and the installer package if you want to install the program on your computer.

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