CCleaner Browser

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Jul 11, 2023 Last updated



CCleaner Browser is a free web browser developed by Piriform, which is the same company behind the famous system cleaning tool CCleaner.

The software is designed for speed, giving a swift and smooth browsing experience, as it utilizes a Chromium-based engine, which guarantees compatibility with websites and web applications. It uses resource optimization techniques to minimize memory and CPU usage, optimizing overall performance.

CCleaner Browser has an Extension Guard functionality that gives protection against potentially harmful browser extensions, where it analyzes installed extensions and identifies those that may pose security risks, permitting users to eliminate or disable them effortlessly.

Furthermore, the browser prioritizes privacy and security by incorporating built-in capabilities to safeguard users from online threats. It includes real-time anti-phishing and anti-malware security, blocking malicious websites and downloads, and it also has built-in privacy tools like anti-tracking, which prevents advertisers from tracking your online activities.

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